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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the Glo'antern Moor hunting area. The Glo'antern Moor hunting area is nearest to the town of Zul Logoth. It is found on the Tsoran map EN-trail.

The Glo'antern Moor is the area on the Locksmehr Trail between the Locksmehr River and Khazar's Hold on the path to Zul Logoth. Both Wehnimer's Landing and Zul Logoth sends adventurers to this area for Adventurer's Guild bounties, but those tasks are not frequently completed.

Fairy primrose is an herb that grows only on the Glo'antern Moor.

The Ghost of Glo'antern Moor is a tall tale about a bride waiting for her lover on the moor. It is told by the travel guides.

The Singing Woods and the Dead Plateau are located in the Glo'antern Moor. Sounds of a celebration are often heard within the Singing Woods. The harsh conditions of the dead plateau near the Glo'antern Moor forced the dwarves out of the Griedlgecha Mine hidden in the area.


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