Khazar's Hold

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Khazar's Hold was a settlement built by Dwarves.

Khazar's Hold, located on a ledge at the western slopes of the Dragon Spine Mountains, overlooking the Glo'antern Moor and the Overland Trail leading across the Dead Plateau to the Locksmehr River Ferry Crossing. It was often on the trail of those passing back and forth from the eastern and western sides of the continent.

A tunnel between Khazar's Hold and the city of Zul Logoth, with transportation provided by toll mine carts, provided access between Zul Logoth and the adventuring lands to the west.

Travel guide tidbit

The guide says, "The trading post of Khazar's Hold is run by the Roramnoak dwarves. You'll find the typical ammenities (sic), including a tavern, furrier, jeweler and the staple dry goods."

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