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The February 2024 Duskruin run introduced golem pets as part of the Year of Clockwerke Devices. Golem pets will not be able to be completed until the August 2024 Duskruin run. Golem pets require assembly, starting with a chassis (obtained via Battle Vault), adding specific types of parts found in Duskruin Arena and Bloodriven Sewers, and finishing with a to-be-announced process in August.

The golem chassis requires one head, two arms, a set of plates, a set of gears, and two legs to assembly, plus a motor which will not be available until August. Below are lists of reported found parts for each type.


  • a caged brass head
  • a glowing-eyed kelyn head
  • a grated steel head
  • a horned urglaes head
  • a massive iron head
  • a massive-jawed cast iron head
  • a mossy iron head
  • a rounded coraesine head
  • a ruby-eyed mithril head
  • a shifting urnon head
  • a square eonake head
  • a veniom-eyed rolaren head
  • a wide razern-mouthed head
  • a winged eahnor head
  • an enruned vaalorn head
  • an internally burning head
  • an inverted iron kettle head
  • an inverted kelyn cauldron head
  • an overturned iron pail head
  • an upside-down chipped cup head
  • an upside-down copper basin head
  • an upturned steel bucket head


  • a brawny eonake arm
  • a crystal-inset kelyn arm
  • a gear-wheeled mechanized prong
  • a gleaming eahnor arm
  • a hammer-fisted cast iron arm
  • a hinged poleaxe arm
  • a magnetic iron arm
  • a moss-covered iron and stone arm
  • a polished brass arm
  • a runic mithril arm
  • a steam-powered cylinder piston
  • a strap-laden steel arm
  • a veniom-runed rolaren arm
  • an enruned vaalorn arm
  • an exposed cog and wire arm
  • an oily steel arm
  • an oversized iron arm


  • some augmented vultite plates
  • some bright eahnor plates
  • some bulky faenor plates
  • some corroded lead plates
  • some ensigiled vaalorn plates
  • some golden plates
  • some hammered mithril plates
  • some heavy iron plates
  • some intricate golvern plates
  • some kelyn crystal-studded plates
  • some malformed steel plates
  • some marred silvery plates
  • some oily steel plates
  • some pitted cast iron plates
  • some reflective eonake plates
  • some reinforced rolaren plates
  • some rust-cover iron plates
  • some scuffed-up golden plates
  • some shiny brass plates
  • some vibrant veniom-traced plates


  • some bent alum gears
  • some bevel rolaren gears
  • some bright veniom gears
  • some chaotic urnon gears
  • some clunky cast iron gears
  • some coraesine spiral gears
  • some helical vaalorn gears
  • some kelyn crystal-spoked gears
  • some large iron gears
  • some mismatched steel gears
  • some oily steel gears
  • some radiant brass gears
  • some rolaren bevel gears
  • some rusty iron gears
  • some shiny eahnor gears
  • some spiral mithril gears
  • some spurred copper gears
  • some vaalorn helical gears


  • a circular steel-plated tread
  • a crystal-inset kelyn leg
  • a gleaming eahnor leg
  • a massive cast iron leg
  • a moss-covered iron and stone leg
  • a polished brass leg
  • a runic mithril leg
  • a strap-laden steel leg
  • a sturdy eonake leg
  • a triangular steel-plated tread
  • a veniom-runed rolaren leg
  • an enruned vaalorn leg
  • an exposed cog and wire leg
  • an intricate golvern leg
  • an oily steel leg
  • an oversized iron leg