Bloodriven Sewers

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The Bloodriven Sewers, also known as the ratacombs, is one of the activities available during Duskruin which allows characters the opportunity to gain bloodscrip without the need for combat.

General Information

Using a parchment stamped voucher, by itself or from a stamped voucher booklet, grants entry to the sewers, allowing an adventurer 1 hour or 10 SEARCHes, whichever comes first. Each search grants the opportunity to find bloodscrip, bloodrunes, blood-infused crystals or pieces to upgrade a Bag of Holding. Lucky sewer scamps may be able to find a sewer rat as well. The sewers tend to behave similar to a labyrinth, with the surroundings shifting randomly.


The entry for the sewers is through the alley east of the gate.


Note: When SEARCHing, these are either/or per search.

  • Bloodscrip - Though typically less than what can be earned in the arena, it can be earned in a quicker amount of time, with an average of 12-25 bloodscrip awarded per search (not per entry). Additionally, there is a chance to find large caches hidden by bandits. If one is lucky enough to find these grand amounts, it's best to be paying attention to avoid any confrontations and loss of said cache!
  • Bloodrunes - Found as flat etched stones, bloodrunes are used to either augment a MoonShard pendant, or be used within a Bloodrune Holder to offer temporary enhancements. There are five tiers: common, divine, arcane, mystic, and legendary. Legendary bloodrunes are an extremely rare release, and when coupled with a MoonShard Pendant and Legendary Bloodrune Cloak corresponding to it, offer a unique glamour, ambients, and script messaging.
  • Blood-infused crystals - These can be used to carve an additional rune into a bloodrune which will allow it to display an uncommon town or area when worn in a MoonShard pendant.
  • Bag of Holding Upgrade Items - These items can be used to upgrade a Bag of Holding to increase holding capacity or encumbrance reduction.
  • Items - Various weapons, armor, shields, and other treasure system items can be found during the random searches.
  • Sewer rat - Searching the sewers could result in finding a new pet, which may be altered into a qualifying rodent species via premium points.
  • Experience
  • Experience orbs - These can be rubbed to gain an additional boost to to experience earned, either as a flat amount, or as a multiplying modifier. Drop rate for orbs is 1/2500 (you get a better chance every time you enter the activity, resets when you find one).
  • WPS smithy invite - Weight/Pad/Sight your weapons or armor. Only one invite can be active at a time.
  • Titles - Different titles are earned based on certain thresholds met in the sewers.

Additional Information


Titles available from running the sewers:

Title Type Requirement
Sewer Scamp Prename 1,000 Sewer Entries
Tunnel Sweeper of Bloodriven Village Postname 100 Sewer Entries
Bloodriven Sewer Runner Postname 500 Sewer Entries
Rat Catcher of Bloodriven Village Postname 1 Rat Caught
Rat Collector Postname 10 Rats Caught

Arena v. Sewers (and Scripting)

Information in blue provided in August 2015 by PM Wyrom.

I realize the sewers are a controversial subject, since you can move much faster to gain bloodscrip. From a pricing standpoint, I wanted the arena to be twice as effective as the sewers, and last run I hit that mark. That means in order to earn as much as you can in the arena, it would cost you twice as much in the sewers. Money is a very big factor here. I'm contemplated what to do to slow down the sewers over and over. I feel hard roundtime is the wrong way to go. When I added the washout effect, I had emails, posts, and messages on how awful that was, so I dropped it down to a "fumble" type search. The only real measure that is feasible is a cooldown, and that is going to come with some serious ramifications. It's not something I have the time to deal with right now, and it's going to need to be something that will get deliberated on next time.

Scripting, by itself, is allowed in GS. If it wasn't, we'd also have to enforce no third-party overlays like Lich. The people in the sewers are there or have really good ways to make sure they can be there. I'm a no nonsense staff member when it comes to script checks. I don't worry about if I was clear on my check because I'm usually pretty upfront. You miss one of my checks, you're not there. As a big time warning though, you and ALL OF YOUR LINKED ACCOUNTS get their bloodscrip confiscated and you become banned from the sewers for 30 days. That means if you transferred a character to someone else, you're still responsible for whoever takes control of that character. Any history follows that character. You can ride, but you can't hide, etc etc. But again, everyone has been pretty good at being at the keys when I check.

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