Delta Desiccation and Rendering

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Delta Desiccation and Rendering is a specialty shop in Solhaven. It is located in Marshtown on Jag Hill. The entrance room serves as a furrier, and the shop is to the east. The pelts are pettable furs.

[Delta Desiccation and Rendering]
The odor of rotting flesh is less pervasive here, as scents of toxic rendering concoctions take over. The strength of the noxious fumes keeps the flies and insects away from this small, enclosed yard. Large chunks of meat dangle along the rough-hewn fence facing south, and small gibbets of coagulated blood speckle the ground below. Near the door to the shop stands a small canopy, under which a few shelves of wares are displayed. You also see a large sign on a stick.


Welcome to Delta Desiccation and Rendering!

Yonno Rundig offers his catalog to browse.
Yonno Rundig exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a red fox pelt             11. some spiced urgh jerky
  2. a curly fenghai pelt       12. a gilded copper drinking horn
  3. a chestnut sable pelt      13. a speckled black wineskin
  4. a brown coyote pelt        14. a capybara hide wineskin
  5. a spotted ermine pelt      15. a long red thrak skin jacket
  6. some half-dried eel        16. some supple black kidskin trousers
  7. some bear jerky            17. a bone white deer hide tunic
  8. some dried capybara meat   18. a woven fenghai fur tunic
  9. some dried urgh meat       19. some reinforced urgh hide leather
  10. some dried boar meat