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Use Weapon, Armor
Bonus +18
ST/DU +24/+50
Rarity Very Rare
Weight Modifier 80%
Primary Color Crimson
Dyeable Yes

One of the precious metals claimed by the Elven people, eahnor was first found on the edge of Ta'Illistim by traveling scholars. Along the eastern side of the DragonSpine run veins of this unique metal with a naturally crimson hue. It is said that the first veins of eahnor discovered by the elves were so beautiful and stunning that Loenthran poets wrote songs and stories of the DragonSpine being the petrified form of an actual drake, its mystical fire forever encased in the mountains. Elven forgers had the metal collected, and along with scholars, studied ways to harness the magical properties of this metal, which falls just short of vultite's enchantment.

While eahnor can be dyed, most of the Elven people, especially citizens of Ta'Vaalor, like to keep its beautiful crimson color. Eahnor was one of the first metals traded by the Elves with the Western Elanthian cities.

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