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:GameMaster Estild [http://forums.play.net/forums/GemStone%20IV/Sorcerers/Sorcerer%20Spells/view/3314]
:GameMaster Estild [http://forums.play.net/forums/GemStone%20IV/Sorcerers/Sorcerer%20Spells/view/3314]
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*[[Elemental Lore, Air]]

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Since mid-2015 there has been a considerable amount of development with Hot Summer Nights 2015, the Elemental Lore Review, and the Teleportation review.

Pages with this banner have been affected by development and are in various stages of update progress, but not yet complete.

Minor Elemental

25 Earth Lore ranks unlocks the ability to get a 5% chance for a magical barrier to deflect a single physical (AS/DS) attack, if the caster has all 3 Elemental Defense spells active and has the knowledge to cast all of them. Every 20 additional Earth Lore ranks adds 1% to the deflection chance. Odds are reduced by 1% for every 5 levels the attacker is above the caster.

Major Elemental

Training in Earth Lore will give a ranks per seed 10 summation percent chance to gain an additional +20 DS on any single attack.
Training in Earth Lore unlocks the ability to reflect bolt attacks at 15 ranks. The reflected bolt will hit a random (group/player friendly) target in the room with a -20 AS (of the original attacker) applied to the reflected attack. Success of the initial attack is not considered in whether the reflected bolt occurs. Hidden and invisible creatures will not be hit by a reflected bolt.
Training in Earth Lore increases the AS bonus granted by this spell beginning with +1 at four ranks and maxing out with +16 at 184 ranks. Uses the Summation Chart, with four as the Seed.
Training in Earth Lore increases the damage factor (DF) by .001 per rank for ranks 1 to 50, .001 per two ranks for ranks 51 - 100 and .001 per 4 ranks for ranks greater than 100. With 200 ranks the DF bonus is 0.100 .
Training in Earth Lore opens up commands with this spell that are otherwise unavailable. To use Slap, Clench, and Pound on like level creatures you need to have xx, xx, and 1.8x ranks per level, respectively.
Training in Earth Lore increases the shatter point: the amount of damage Stone Skin can absorb in a single hit without shattering.

Wizard Base

Training in Earth Lore will grant +1 DS per seed 5 summation bonus.
Training in Earth Lore allows you to hit multiple targets with a single cast of the spell. The chance for a second strike is equal to your Earth lore skill, and a third strike is equal to your Earth Lore skill - 100. Each extra strike costs an extra 5 mana.

Sorcerer Base

Despite being a Sorcerer spell, Dark Catalyst is affected only by Elemental Lores. All four Lores affect only the damage from the respective element during Dark Catalyst's cycle. It is not based on the Summation Chart.
Dark Catalyst's (719) Elemental Lore bonus is a bit convoluted. I will tell you this: at 12 ranks of the appropriate lore, it adds one crit rank to the relevant damage cycle, at 50 lore ranks it adds 2 crit ranks, and at 100 lore ranks it adds 3 crit ranks. It's a flat modifier and the warding margin is not a factor. If you're wanting to crit kill with Dark Catalyst, the lore benefit is pretty good, although admittedly, you don't receive much other benefit with those ranks (at least until the Elemental Lore Review for the Minor Elemental spell circle).
GameMaster Estild [1]