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Some experienced wizards specialize in enchanting (that is, the extensive use of the Enchant (925) spell), while others merely dabble in it--and many do not perform enchanting at all. Therefore, this is not a truly separate type of wizard; many Pure Mages as well as War Mages are expert at enchanting.

Recommended stats and skills for a serious enchanter are high Strength and Constitution (to eliminate potential encumbrance penalties from heavy items such as chain or plate armors), and heavy training in Magic Item Use and Arcane Symbols.

Due to the various training strategies, War Mages tend to have a slightly easier time enchanting heavier items (such as chain or plate armors), while Pure Mages tend to have a slightly easier time with high levels of enchantment. However, these are only tendencies and can be easily overcome by training (especially on the part of War Mages, as the factors usually in their favor are stat-based, while the Pure Mage's usual advantage is mainly training-based.)

Some training in Trading and gaining citizenship in a town may also be helpful, in their potential to reduce the prices of enchanting potions and items that are to be enchanted. This becomes more important as the enchanter increases the quantity of items they are enchanting.

The spell Enchant (925) is the only absolutely required skill for an enchanter, and as such, it is possible to devote some or all of a wizard's time to enchanting once the wizard reaches level 25 and is capable of learning the spell. There is, however, an increased risk of failure if the wizard's Elemental Mana Control skill is below 100.


The advantages of enchanting are found in the use of, or sale of, finished products; even low level enchanted items often sell for several times the cost of producing them.

Experience is also gained during the enchanting process.


The disadvantages of enchanting are often found in the cost of required potions, as well as the amount of time and storage space required. There is also a risk of failures which can result in increased costs, destroyed items, and injury or death to the enchanter.

Roundtimes incurred during the enchanting process can NOT be reduced by use of the Haste (506) spell.

There are lengthy waiting periods (days per item) relating to the use of tempering potions (however, these do not require the Enchanter to be handling the item during the waiting period).

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