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The feature changing mask is a pin-worn item that temporarily changes some character features. The mask is not removable and will fall off after three hours. It can't be worn with other items that alter hair, but it can be worn with items that alter the unique line.


You analyze your mask and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This is a feature changing mask.  It will temporarily change your features for three hours.  If you look at this mask, you will see how it will change your features.  Once the time is up, it will fall off.  If your hands are both full, it will drop to the ground.  Please make sure that you highlight this mask in some fashion so that you can track it.

This is what it will look like when the mask falls off:

Your facial features slowly grow heavy and seem to harden.  Without warning, something solid and smooth slips from your face and tumbles into your free hand.

You get no sense of whether or not the mask may be further lightened.


Verb First Third
WEAR You press the crone mask against your face for a moment. When you lower your hand, the mask adheres of its own accord. At first, it feels as cold and clammy as a corpse's brow, but then the mask grows as warm as your own flesh. Your skin tingles sharply as the mask melts into your skin. You can sense powerful magic at work on your features, and you know that your appearance has changed. The mask is gone. XXX presses a haggard crone mask against her face. After a moment, the mask sinks into her skin, and her appearance is transformed. The mask is gone.
(another feature item worn)
You press the sea nymph mask against your face for a moment. The mask feels deathly cold against your skin XXX raises a cerulean sea nymph mask to her face for a moment.

Warning Message

About 90 seconds before the mask is due to fall off, it will deliver the following message:

A chilling sensation ripples across your features briefly, feeling as if your face were slowly sliding off.
Feature changing mask Information
Type Fluff
Feature altering
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to Mask
Alterable Yes
Feature(s) Altered Eyes
Item Verbs

Mask Types

  • a haggard crone mask
She has crow foot-ringed steely grey eyes and heavily wrinkled skin.  She has long, ragged pure white hair with a high widow's peak cresting the brow.  She has a saggy-cheeked face, a bulbous nose and high cheekbones.
  • a cerulean sea nymph mask
She has tilted, silver-striated azure eyes and creamy white skin.  She has long, fine cerulean hair intricately woven with moonlight silver ribbons into a crown braid, though several sea foam green wisps slip free to form a glistening halo about the face.  She has a heart-shaped face, a pert nose and a pair of sand-dappled, arching eyebrows
  • a barnacled seafoam green mask
She has narrow, white-pupiled ebon eyes and silver-sheened skin.  She has incredibly short, flowing seafoam green hair shorn close to the scalp and dotted with bone-white barnacles, which have partially burrowed into the skin.  She has a strong, muscular face, a wide, flaring nose and an intricate pattern of blue scales traversing her neck.
  • a smooth alabaster mask dangling silvery gossamer ribbons
She has white-lashed crystal blue eyes and smooth alabaster skin. She has flowing, silver-streaked pure white hair bound with gossamer ribbons.
  • a fragile white porcelain mask with a painted design of hyacinth blossoms
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  • a lacquered mahogany mask carved with gold-pigmented leaves
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