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Gavrien, as drawn by MOURNE

Gavrien is a surly half-elf freelancer who does business primarily in Solhaven and Wehnimer's Landing. This business usually consists of loresinging and acting as muscle-for-hire, and he not known to be picky about which side of the law his clients are on.

He is of mixed Faendryl and Shakat descent and has been observed to carry a distinct chip on his shoulder with regards to purebred Faendryl, despite often being found in their company. (Some might argue that he has been observed to carry a distinct chip on his shoulder about most everything. These people insist on calling him grumpy.) He is also notably vain, particularly in regards to his hair.

Gavrien is a (reluctant) member of the Faendryl Enclave, maintains association with the Guardians of Sunfist, and has been recognized by the Scions of Shaundara, a rebel band of half-elves within the Turamzzyrian Empire, as one of their number.

He makes his home in the Market Bend neighborhood of southern Solhaven, with his partner Azryen Verae.


  • As the Crow Flies - a short recount of Gavrien's early history, followed by highlights of more recent events


You see Gavrien the Scion of Shaundara.
He appears to be a Half-Elf.
He is tall and has a strong, robust physique. He appears to be mature. He has deep-set amber eyes and olive skin. He has shoulder length, curly black hair falling in untamed waves. He has an unshaven, angular face, a slightly crooked nose and a slanted scar across his upper lip.
He has an inked ebon and silver jackdaw paired with a stylized crow on his arm.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a small mottled oilskin pack, a high-collared black leather coat, some dark leather scalemail, a brushed suede neck pouch, an open-necked white cotton shirt, a dark-stained leather bandolier, an overlapping pair of low-slung dark leather belts, a pair of thick black leather handwraps with gornar rivets, a black leather satchel with a slanted flap, some faded ebon pants with leather stitching down the sides, and a pair of thick black leather boots with zorchar rivets.


an inked ebon and silver jackdaw paired with a stylized crow on his arm
Two grappling corvids are inked in broad, stylized lines that imitate the strokes of a paintbrush. A rangy black crow and a smaller, grey-breasted jackdaw are caught mid-flight, the asymmetric and blurred splay of their wings evoking frantic struggle. Their sharp beaks are open and their talons tangled in each other's disheveled feathers, but with the coy angles of their heads and fanned tails, is not entirely clear whether the birds' encounter is one of conflict or courtship.

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