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Elemental magic in the Turamzzyrian Empire is heavily regulated. Due to the widespread influence of House Kestrel and the Hall of Mages, a considerable majority of humans that manifest elemental abilities are tested and taken to the Hall for training, even if that training is limited to preventing them from causing harm to themselves or others through the casting of wild magic.

Hedgewizards are traditionally those with an inborn ability for Wizardry Major Elemental spellcasting who lack formal training from the Hall. Time has diluted this term, which has occasionally extended to Spirit users--such as sorcerers and savants and those who have ended their relationship with the Hall before attaining the rank of Magister.

Though generally viewed as undisciplined, untrustworthy, and ill-trained, some hedgewizards of note are extremely gifted. Independence from the Hall has occasionally led to development of spells and arcane tricks unique to a given hedgewizard or those he or she has trained. Hedgewizardry among the upper classes of Turamzzyr is rare but not without question.