High steel

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High steel
Use Weapon, Armor, Shield
Bonus +30
ST/DU ?/?
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier ?
Level Required 90
Special Properties Extraplanar Bane
Primary Color ?
Dyeable Yes

The origins of this material are shrouded in Elanthia's long history, stretching back before written records, when the Arkati and Drakes still battled against the Ur-Daemons. Attribution for its creation occasionally falls on Eonak's anvil, but even he is silent about the matter. What is clear, however, is that the alloy of high steel conveys devastating effects against extraplanar beings not native to Elanthia.

High steel carries a natural 6x enchantment (+30) and is the bane of extraplanar creatures.

When forged into weapons, high steel provides an additional amount of critical weighting (8 points) against those foes. Additionally, Ithzir can not "fade out" in response to an attack made with a high steel weapon.

When forged into armor, high steel provides an additional amount of critical padding (8 points) against attacks made by those foes. Additionally, Ithzir do not enjoy a combat advantage when ambushing an adventurer in high steel armor or carrying a high steel shield. Studded leather armor (AsG 11) is the lowest subgroup that can be created out of high steel.

When forged into a shield, high steel aids in blocking attacks from extraplanar foes, making it more likely to block.

High steel cannot be used by adventurers under level 90.

These are all inherent properties of the material and thus do not take up the script slot on items made from high steel; however, an additional bane cannot be added.

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