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The Imperial Drakes are a magical arm of the Turamzzyrian Army and act as an independent group from the others, such as the Order of the Golvern Star and standard Turamyzzrian Legion forces.

The Imperial Drakes are exceptionally skilled wizards in elemental spells useful for war and often armed combat as well. They were established by the House of Kestrel in 4935.

The Imperial Drakes have only had battle experience in the wars with the Horned Cabal, with a garrison stationed in the Aldoran capital of Elstreth.

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While the Hall of Mages focuses more on knowledge and control of the magical arts, the Imperial Drakes operate as an equal force under the Royal Magister. The Imperial Drakes were formed to create a devastating military power and influence for the Sun Throne to deal with threats, both internal and external.

Tamzyrr is home to the Hall of Mages, the most prestigious of the arcane colleges in the Turamzzyrian Empire. Founded nearly 750 years ago under the auspices of Emperor Immuros Kestrel, this college educates students interested in the arcane arts, focusing on the responsible use of magic to improve society and the Empire. The Hall of Mages maintains satellite colleges in Elstreth, Nydds, and The Swale.

The Imperial Drakes are also based in this wondrous city, under the auspices of the Royal Magister. This magical branch of the imperial military consists solely of skilled wizards. Under the tutelage of House Kestrel, magical training for the Imperial Drakes has been standardized and focused for specific military needs, increasing their usefulness to military commanders.


In 4935, the House of Kestrel founded the Imperial Drakes, a new branch of the military consisting solely of skilled wizards. With this organization, magical training for military mages could be standardized and focused for specific military needs, and a military officer would know what the minimum capabilities of an allied spellcaster would be. Previously, allied spellcasters had wide variances in capabilities, leading to battlefield errors when one may not be able to perform as required.

The Imperial Drakes have been instrumental in a number of battles throughout the recent history of the Turamzzyrian Empire, using their might and magic to aid in conflict against the Horned Cabal and other nefarious creatures and enemies along the Demonwall. One of their greatest accomplishments was when a trio of Imperial Drakes defeated Tyrgh, the Chaos Lord, and drove his creatures back into the depths of the Wizardwaste.

Because of the fame and adventures surrounding the legend of Imperial Drakes, enrollment in the Hall of Mages has increased exponentially.

All members of the Imperial Drakes begin their initial studies among the lower echelons of the Hall of Mages, learning rudimentary skills and control with their magic before graduating to the Imperial Drakes, where they then undergo years of training and seasoning to become some of the finest mages trained in combat for the glory and defense of the Turamzzyrian Empire. The Imperial Drakes exist as a branch separate from the Hall of Mages, yet also report to the Royal Magister, who ultimately oversees their regime and training.

4960. Southern Sentinel Urgland Hurrst struggles with the Horned Cabal's undead minions for several years as they raid village after village. When his request for aid garners only two hundred soldiers and five Imperial Drakes, Hurrst enlists the aid of a small brotherhood of Voln. With the aid of the brotherhood, Sentinel Hurrst is able to regain some of the land that was lost to the Cabal.

Over the course of the next century the Horned Cabal is a constant threat in the southlands, and at least every decade there is a significant engagement. Because of this, Voln's previously minor following grows tremendously, though it never rivals the greater deities of Koar, Imaera or Lorminstra.

Brigands that in the past had hidden in the northern parts of the Southron Wastes have become virtually nonexistent.

4977. Forces along the Demonwall are embattled as Eastern Sentinel Greythane defends against increasingly aggressive fiends. Airborne fiends fly over the wall at night and overcome a remote wall outpost, allowing their allies to enter through the captured gate. OGS knights respond to the need and lead the imperial army to victory, with the aid of Imperial Drakes to deal with the flyers, but not before hundreds of imperial casualties are inflicted by the attackers. The OGS contingent assigned to the Demonwall is increased to 200 knights, and Imperial Drakes are doubled to number nearly 200 as well.

5048. In their greatest offensive in decades, the Horned Cabal cuts off the trade road between Idolone and The Swale with several thousand undead. Two key outposts along the road fall to the dark forces, and it is three months before the imperial army is able to regain control of the area. A company of heroes comprised of Imperial Drakes and knights of Idolone are instrumental in the final defeat of the spectral champion that leads the Cabal's forces.

5074. After several years of only minimal encounters, a large horde of many thousand undead presses into the southern dukedom and baronies. Southern Sentinel Marcus Calquinor is assassinated as he gathers imperial forces to combat the undead threat, and in the chaos that follows the Horned Cabal nearly overcomes the defenders. While a Luukosian cult is assumed to be behind the assassination, there is no proof. Duke Bannon Chandrennin assumes leadership of the troops and is able to temporarily hold the undead horde in the hills south of Elstreth, though it is obvious that the undead will not be held indefinitely. Voln Grandmaster Allasander calls upon distant brotherhoods to send aid, and nearly sixteen hundred members respond to fall under Chandrennin's command. Unable to await the arrival of additional imperial troops, Duke Chandrennin leads his force against the undead. As the armies become engaged, it is immediately apparent that the Horned Cabal has a new weapon in their arsenal. The main forces of the two armies battle for two weeks, and as each defender falls, the Horned Cabal raises their erstwhile foe to enlist in their undead legion!

Two thousand imperial troops from Tamzyrr, a hundred knights, two score Imperial Drakes and a few hundred more Voln brothers and sisters, including Patriarch Jaynus, Grandmaster of the Voln brotherhood in Nydds, arrive to bolster the defenders, and the imperial army narrowly averts being overrun by an undead offensive. Jaynus reveals a ritual that, when coupled with simple blessing of the dead, will prevent them from being raised by the Sphere of Sorrow's power. Priests of every Liabo denomination hasten through the battlefield performing the ritual on the fallen to prevent them from being raised as foes.

Even with the newfound knowledge the great battle is not easily fought as the undead army has grown with the addition of the newly dead, and the priests run low on the physical component for their ritual, pure potions. Thousands of defenders fall, and a small band of Voln monks that sought to slip past the main force and challenge the liches of the Cabal directly are defeated after slaying only a single lich of the pentarchy. However, the efforts of the martyred band sufficiently disrupt the Cabal to allow Duke Chandrennin's forces to overcome the undead legion. The remaining four liches of the Horned Cabal flee into the northern Wastes, taking the Sphere of Sorrows with them. Spiritcry, the legendary greataxe wielded by the martyred Grandmaster Allasander is lost, presumably also taken by the retreating liches.

From this time until the present the Horned Cabal is fairly quiet. Undead still roam the southernmost territory of the empire, but no large or well-planned attacks occur.

5089. Jantalar defeats the orcs at Doggoroth Keep, removing one of the greatest humanoid threats in the north. Once again, witch hunters are integral in neutralizing the opposition's spellcasters. A powerful being known as Tyrgh, the Chaos Lord, arises in the Wizardwaste, leading an army of strange creatures out of the chaotic badlands. The initial encounter with soldiers from Brantur is a catastrophe, and the imperial defenders are slaughtered. Fortunately for Brantur, the creatures are apparently unable to survive outside of Ba'Lathon for long. As a second, more organized, imperial force moves against the Chaos Lord's army, they are surprised to discover that many of their foes lie dead or ailing, seemingly chronically ill. With his army withering around him, Tyrgh is defeated by a trio of Imperial Drakes, and those creatures able to run are forced back into the Wizardwaste.

As the dust settled after the massive carnage, it has been surmised that thousands of imperial soldiers and support were lost on the ground in Talador, not to mention the thousands and thousands of citizens all throughout the Barony’s capital and various cities, towns and other hamlets. The only known survivors were a few dozen Imperial Drakes and over two hundred soldiers who were spared the impact of the blast by magical shields. This instinctively quick action of some of the Drakes left patches of unblemished land around Talador, which many now aptly call “The Tears of Koar.”

— Eyes of the Dawn (5116)


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