Laibanniel Illistim

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The first of the post-Lanenreat Argent Mirrors and the nineteenth overall, Laibanniel was the successor of Lanenreat Illistim during the Undead War. She was installed by the Council of Thrones, which now assumed the power for selecting monarchs, to replace the deposed Lanenreat who had lost the confidence of the Illistim without an heir. Laibanniel was chosen from a pool of candidates.

She oversaw the initial defense of Ta'Illistim itself during the war with Despana, and formed the first official alliances with other races. Laibanniel was in power when the Faendryl were exiled, and saw the last of anything resembling Elven unity. Some Faendryl critics refer to her as "the traitor" or "usurper."

Laibanniel Illistim assumed the Peacock Throne in -15,185 Modern Era (33,922 Illistim) and ruled for 204 years until -14,981 Modern Era (34,126 Illistim). Without dynastic rule the reign of the Argency became much shorter, on the order of one-tenth of its prior length. There were over 80 Argent Mirrors over the next 20,000 years.

Argent Mirror of the House of Illistim
Preceded by: -15,185 Modern Era to -14,981 Modern Era
(33,922 to 34,126 Illistim)
Succeeded by:
Lanenreat Illistim Unknown (eventually Segeir Illistim)

Non-Dynastic Argent Mirrors
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
Unknown Unknown