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Category: Game Design Discussion
Topic: Critters and Creatures(author=GS4-VORAVIEL
Message #: 4472
Author: (Unknown)
Date: 3/11/2007 2:01:18 AM
Subject: Re: Description for a "Necleriine"

Yay demon discussion. I'm not really going to comment on where they're from as I'm not the guru.

However, necleriines are quasi-vreenishly inspired (if the silvery-goop that mirrors peoples faces didn't give that away) in that they've got specific spell circles available to them based on the profession of the person they were birthed from, and some associated special attacks that go with that profession. Though whether they're actually related is just left up there in the air, on purpose.

Their 'glow' color denotes what profession they came from.

Since you're probably not going to be seeing these things for a looong time, I have no problem posting some messaging. These are the rarer attacks that are also associated with what profession they are, so they were probably very rarely seen.

Ranger Ability, Hellvine or something like that:

A winged spindly necleriine crosses its arms over its chest as its exposed heart beats with a bilious green energy. It suddenly spreads its fan-like hands and thrusts its spindly, needle-like bone talons into the ground!

A huge black vine dotted with crimson nettles bursts from the ground underneath you! The vine wraps around you and slams you into the ground, digging its crimson thorns into you!

... 35 points of damage!
Shot destroys eye and the brain behind it!

Voraviel continues to struggle for life.

You are stunned for 15 rounds!

And then when the vine goes away, it has one little last bit of nasty:

The vine twining around you suddenly bursts open and showers the surrounding with vile acid! A bilious wave of bubbling acid moves outward from a red-thorned slick black vine. You are buffeted by the bilious green acid and are pinned in place, unable to move. Roundtime: 18 sec.

... 55 points of damage!
Acid to the foot forms a pool into which you quickly melt to the hip!

Bard, Hellscream Mass Nightmare Attack:

The spindly necleriine suddenly opens its fanged maw and lets out a piercing scream as its exposed heart bleeds with violet-black tendrils of essence, the waves of hellish sound blurring the air as it ripples outwards! The scream reaches you!

CS: +409 - TD: +180 + CvA: +10 + d100: +68 - -5 == +312
Warding failed!

You shiver as a cold wind suddenly blows through the area. It was probably nothing.

Sorcerer, Bone Bludgeon Mass Attack (using the Hurl system, I think):

The spindly necleriine suddenly begins to spiral around itself, then stops suddenly as its exposed heart pulses with dark incarnadine arcs of energy. It lifts its razored needle-like talons up to the sky and gestures briefly, and thousands of blackened shard-like bones appear in thin air and suddenly explode across the surroundings! A winged spindly necleriine flings a razor-edged blackened bone shard at you!

AS: +517 vs DS: +55 with AvD: +28 + d100 roll: +54 = +544
... and hits for 114 points of damage!
Your right leg is mangled horribly.

Voraviel continues to struggle for life.

You are knocked to the ground!
You are stunned for 5 rounds!

Momentum carries a razor-edged blackened bone shard past you to land nearby. The blackened bone shard ricochets away from you, landing nearby.

Empath, Painshriek Mass Attack:

The spindly necleriine crosses its spindly arms across its chest and raises its head upwards, its exposed, black heart pulsing with sickly white energy as it lets out a chilling shriek, waves of incarnadine hue rolling outward from it! The rippling incarnadine waves wash over you!

CS: +409 - TD: +183 + CvA: +10 + d100: +9 - -5 == +250
Warding failed!

You are wracked with painful spasms!

Cleric, Cursewave Mass Attack:

The spindly necleriine slams its skeletal palms together and skitters the razored tips of its needle-like spindly bone talons against one another, its exposed heart pulsing with a green-golden hue. Immediately a haze of spidery sigils explode outward from each talon, forming a rippling ring of swirling sigils that spins outwards from the necleriine! A spidery sigil whooshes past you! A thread of brackish blue magic issues forth from the spindly necleriine toward you. It coils itself around your body, whirling malevolently before disappearing within you. You shake slightly and feel much less protected!

Wizard, Hellpit:

A winged spindly necleriine scythes its needle-like black bone talons across its ribcage, and its exposed heart begins to pulse with a strange viridian energy. Suddenly, it raises its talons up in a swift arc and the ground explodes with hellish flames as a flaming deep black pit appears!

l pit The pit appears to be a burned out pit in the middle of the ground, its entirety comprised of hellish flames bursting forth from the center of the stinking pit. Growing from the unholy forge of fire and ashes are several hands formed entirely from magma, their black fingers smoking and glowing with trails of white-hot lava.

Hands of magma suddenly burst out from the pit and begin to flail about wildly! A hand of magma suddenly reach towards you and grasps your body and pulls you to the ground where it grips you in a vice-like embrace!

The roaring flames within the deep black pit spawning the hands of magma flare up brightly!

... 15 points of damage!
Solid chest grapple, you are winded!
You are stunned for 3 rounds!

Roundtime: 6 sec.

Some generic stuff they do regardless of profession:

EyeStab, generic focused attack:

A winged spindly necleriine tilts its head down and suddenly flies straight towards you, its pair of razor-sharp horns glinting! The spindly necleriine slams its dual horns into your eyes!

... 5 points of damage!
Minor strike under the right eye, that was close!
... 5 points of damage!
Minor strike under the left eye, that was close!

Tapeworms Tell Me What To Do, focused attack:

The spindly necleriine suddenly spreads its rotting wings and flaps them swiftly, sending forth a tenebrous shroud of shadow to cloak the area! Shadows converge around you!

CS: +409 - TD: +218 + CvA: +10 + d100: +35 - -5 == +241
Warding failed!

The shadows liquefy and sink into your skin!

A sickening feeling comes over you as you feel shards of something crawling within your very skull. A fiery pain shoots down your spine as the presence begins to press away! You fall to your knees!

Suddenly, the presence stabs painfully against your stomach, and you groan as it seems to split off into four different pieces, each spinning their painful forms around and around mercilessly within you.

A faint whoosh sound filters up from the four painful presences in your stomach, then without warning your body is plunged into an intense pain as slivers of darkness crawl underneath the skin of your arms! They twist and turn violently, and explode in a burst of shadow!

... 30 points of damage!
Well aimed strike shatters bone in right arm!
You are stunned for 5 rounds!
... 25 points of damage!
Elbow punctured, oh what pain!


The messaging happens over the course of about 30 seconds per block of messaging, so the effects aren't immediate.

They and the oculoths probably do some of the weirdest stuff in terms of messaging, attacks and interaction with players. I ludge them.

Vathors are generally just there to fill the void of 'omg big classical thing from hell that is going to splatter my ass'. And abyran'ra were the prototype demons that we first released, so they only do some marginally nifty stuff.

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