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The locksmith pool is a new system that lets players drop off boxes for locksmiths to open. The goal of this system is to reduce the usage of the NPC Townsmith and increase usage of player locksmiths.


Locksmith pool NPC locations by town
Town Room Name Lich Room # NPC Description
Wehnimer's Landing Land Tower East, Office 3807 a scruffy human worker

Using the Locksmith Pool as a Customer

In order to deposit a box into the pool for another character to pick the lock, the syntax is either GIVE <NPC> <tip amount> or GIVE <NPC> <tip amount> PERCENT. The first tips a flat amount of silvers regardless of the contents of the box while the second will tip a percentage of the value of the silvers and gems within the box. With either of these commands, the silvers must be in the character's inventory and paid upfront. They are forfeited regardless of if the box is unlocked later. Characters may then leave the area and return when they are ready to see the status of their boxes.

Upon return, ASK <NPC> FOR LIST to see all the boxes that have been added to the pool as well as their current status. ASK <NPC> TO RETURN # (where the # is from the LIST command) to retreive the box (remembering that you will lose the tip if you return the box before it is opened). You may also return the first finished box from your queue with ASK <NPC> FOR RETURN. Each box completed via the locksmith pool will give the person depositing the box 10 long-term experience per day up to a maximum of 250 long-term experience.

As of 3/1/2020 at 6:11 PM CST, customers using the locksmith pool can deposit up to 100 boxes in the pool at any given time.

Using the Locksmith Pool as a Locksmith

In order to retrieve a box from the locksmith pool, the locksmith must have 10 or more ranks in lockpicking. Then, the locksmith must go to the location of the NPC in their current town and ASK <NPC> FOR JOB. If one is available, the NPC will place the box on a table where the syntax is <locksmith's name>'s <box noun>. At this point, the locksmith may DISARM and PICK like they would normally. Once completed, the locksmith will ASK <NPC> FOR CHECK. If the box has been disarmed and is unlocked, the NPC will exchange the box for the specified tip. If the locksmith could not complete the job and returns the box, the locksmith is unable to get another job for a short period of time.

Each box that comes out of the pool will also inform the locksmith of where the box came from:

The worker says, "Ah, here we are.  The client is offering a tip of 50 silvers and mentioned it being from a wood sprite (level 38).  The coffer is setup up on the table for you.  When you're finished, ASK me to CHECK your work."

Other items of note:

  • Rogues have priority for 10 minutes before boxes become generally available to all other classes.
  • Locksmiths can retrieve up to 10 boxes every 10 minutes.
  • Locksmiths keep all scarabs.
  • Locksmiths can ASK <NPC> FOR CHECK a box they haven't attempted to disarm or unlock and it will return it to the locksmith pool with no penalties.
  • The queue is ordered by highest tip to lowest tip.
  • Locksmiths only retrieve boxes which they are capable of picking. This will depend on your picklock skill, whether you know 403, and will range between a d1 with a copper lockpick and a d90 with a vaalin lockpick.
  • Plated boxes will only be distributed to rogues that have knowledge of wedge creation from lock mastery, or if the locksmith knows 407. If a non-rogue, enruned or mithril plated boxes won't be distributed.
  • Phantom difficulty is added to boxes every 15 minutes as soon as the box is added in order to move it into a difficulty level where another locksmith could open it.
  • The boxes on the work tables stay for awhile and then assume they are abandoned and get sent back into the locksmith pool.
  • If you can't get a read on a lock using your best pick, it is likely that your best pick has been broken and repaired too many times. Replace it or have it checked by a rogue with lock mastery finished.
  • If you trigger a dangerous trap that destroys the box, or if you turn a box in unopened, you will be prevented from retrieving boxes from the pool for a short time.


  • GIVE <NPC> <tip amount>
  • GIVE <NPC> <tip amount> PERCENT