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2017 Update

Category: Magic Spells/Systems
Topic: Magic Systems
Message #: 1458, 1494, 1501
Author: GS4-VIDUUS
Date: 08/08/2017 11:26 PM EDT
Subject: Magic Item Updates

Various magic items and systems have had some improvements. The following items were impacted.

New System

Generic MIU/Scroll CS

A new system has been added for Magic Items and Scrolls to allow additional CS and Maneuver bonuses for those skilled in the appropriate skill. Activating a CS spell from a Magic Item or Scroll will now grant a CS bonus similar to spell ranks using the following formula.

.75 CS per rank up to level
.5 CS per rank up to 2x level
.33 CS per rank over 2x level

Maneuver bonuses are sphere/spell specific but generally following the following pattern

.5 per rank up to level
.33 per rank up to 2x level
.1 per rank over 2x level

Note: Semi spell [circle] bonuses are halved [(ranger, bard, and paladin bases)]. [I pulled the 1625 support last minute due to some issues that came up in QC. I'll circle back to it once I've resolved those issues.]

As an additional note elemental and sorcerer spells are granted an additional bonus when wearing 1711 similar to that of 425. The calculation used is the same formula as 425 (25 bonus at 25 ranks and an additional bonus point up to a max of 50 at 75 ranks). This bonus is in additional to the base +10 CS granted by the base spell.


Magic items/scrolls have had the following updates.

  • Gold rings location settings are now detectable via. 405.
  • Bronze squares (1718 - V'tull's Fury) can now be activated from containers. This update addresses some issues weapon users had with needing to hold the square in the offhand to activate.

Misc. Notes

The mana verb has been updated with enhancive values to bring it in line with the other stats-related commands.

The messaging for 520 (Mage Armor) has had some updates to its messaging to help casters keep track of which elemental aspect is currently active. Spell Active has also been updated to reflect the current element in use.

[>So then, shouldn't this also work similarly with Paladin base spells and Champion's Might, since I assume the Paladin base circle is also tuned for TD based on assuming 1612 is always running?

Since paladin TD is designed around an expectation of less than 1x in spells, its not really needed to put magic item users in hitting range of those TDs.]


Affected Spells

Received via email 28 Aug 2017:

Impacted spells include. All CS spells. 917, 914, 709, 912, 410, 435, 615, 616, 1005, 1017, 1207 - these spells should not be assumed to be on the SMR 2.0 system.