Magical workshop

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Magical workshops, formerly known as enchanting workshops, give a significant bonus to the outcome of several powerful spells. These include:

Sorcerers and Wizards can use the SENSE verb to detect whether they are in a magical workshop or not.

Workshops come in three different strengths, the most powerful being a private workshop. Private workshops are rare and are attuned to the owner.

The next most powerful are workshops found in CHE Houses (e.g., White Haven, Twilight Hall) and Wizard and Sorcerer Guilds. As of August 2017, every Wizard and Sorcerer Guild has a magical workshop.

Finally, the least powerful workshops are open to the public. These are found throughout the lands in places such as the Abandoned Inn.

Note: The magical workshop bonus to Ensorcell (735) success is unaffected by the type of workshop. All workshops (private, che/guild, or public) provide the same bonus.

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