Major Bleed

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Major Bleed is a negative status condition. When under its effects, the afflicted party periodically takes concussion damage. This is a separate effect from standard wound bleeding. Only one Major Bleed effect can be on a target at a time, unlike standard bleeding wounds, but additional applications to the same location can increase potency (stack).

  • This is a Damage over Time (DoT) effect.
  • Deals damage every 2 seconds.
  • Damage dealt is based on the raw health damage inflicted.
  • Damage is applied to a body part, and can be reapplied to the same location to increase the bleed damage.
  • Damage can be tended to stop or reduce the bleeding. Removes 1 bleed damage per rank in First Aid.
  • Healing the underlying wound will stop the damage. Transfering the underlying wound will transfer the damage to the empath.
  • Sign of Clotting and Sign of Staunching will reduce the bleed damage by 25%. This applies to every application of Major Bleed, including potency increases.
  • Can stack up to a maximum of 100 damage per tick (50 damage per second).
  • The base number of ticks is 5, with an additional tick at ranks 3 and 5 of Exsanguinate.


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Additional Information

The following maneuvers utilize Major Bleed on the target: