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Mnemonic [hamstring]
Activating Verb CMAN
Type Setup
Roundtime 3s
Stamina Cost 9
Targets Right leg, and left leg
Offensive Gear Both hands
Requirements A slashing weapon (that is not twohanded).
Flares/Spikes Enabled
Initiator Stance Penalty
Racial Size Modifiers
Shield Defensive Bonus
Target Stance Bonus
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Rangers, Bards, Monks
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 2  
5 10


Attempt to slice a target's hamstring muscle and knock them to the ground.


Maneuver a target to deliver up to a rank 2 leg wound and potentially knock them down. Hamstring takes critical weighting or damage weighting on the weapon used into account. Padding, resistances, flares, armor divisors, and the like are all bypassed when the maneuver succeeds. Applies Major Bleed based on the damage of the initial maneuver.

Additional Information

Feras weapons can be particularly deadly when combined with Hamstring, as this skill bypasses the attack roll system and instead relies on the combat maneuver system.

While, in life, a severed hamstring will cripple the victim, a creature affected by the Hamstring maneuver can still stand up. Though, if Hamstring is used a second time on the same victim, it will sever the leg, preventing the victim from standing again.

Having two weapons provides a sizeable bonus to this maneuver, while targeting an enemy with more than two legs provides a penalty.