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A martial knowledge item (also commonly referred to as martial-knowledge or just MK) grants the wearer (jewelry, armor, and clothing), or wielder (weapons and shields), inherent knowledge of a maneuver without training in any skill. Martial knowledge item skills may be of any PSM skill and usable by any profession regardless of that profession's native PSM skills, unless there are specific restrictions built into the item by its creator.

Martial Knowledge Item Policy

Newly created, as of February 22, 2023, Martial Knowledge (MK) items will be permanently tied to the base ability that they are created as. If there are changes to that ability due to future development, the MK item will always match those changes. They will not be updated to use the old version of the ability via the Lost Arts spell circle or substituted for another ability.

Martial Knowledge Enhancives

Martial knowledge enhancives (MKEs) are items in which the martial knowledge is granted via an enhancive ability, and charges drain as the item is worn/wielded just like stat and skill enhancives. A MKE may have up to two PSM abilities on it, but no other enhancive abilities. They must also be charged via bounty points or spell knowledge enhancive charging potions.

SimuCoin Items

Short-term and long-term spell knowledge enhancive charging potions are available in the SimuCoin store as a potent blue-green potion and a potent yellow-green potion, respectively. A MKE item will not drain any charges while under the effect of either of these potions


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