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Bounty points are the currency of the Adventurer's Guild and may only be earned by completing Adventurer's Guild bounty tasks. They may only be used to purchase goods and services from the Adventurer's Guild treasure master using ORDER (verb) in each respective guild.

Except for the once a year recharging for silvers (which takes place just after the New Year, the rate is about 16.6 silvers per bounty point), bounty points are the only way to recharge enhancive items.* They are also the only in-game method of purchasing fixskills and fixstats. Players can convert bounty points to silvers by recharging others' enhancive items and selling fixskills and fixstats.

*Note: Enhancive items may be "charged" via enhancive potions purchased with SimuCoins, but these temporary potions are not the same as recharging in that items will not drain normally while the potions are in effect.