Mistsheen Annex

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Mistsheen Annex is a specialty shop in Solhaven. It is a perfume shop located in South Market South.

[Mistsheen, Solhaven Annex] RNUM: 1574 (then go shop)
Mist-hued cascades of luxuriant spidersilk drip from the walls and ceiling of the spacious shop, pooling around shelves of silvery wood holding scores of small, brightly colored bottles. The shelves even line the broad bay windows flanking the shop entrance, displaying dozens of the crystal containers to passersby. You also see Mistress Tosylle.

Entry Room

Welcome to Mistsheen Annex!

Mistress Tosylle offers her catalog to browse.
Tosylle exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a bottle of red currant perfume     8. a bottle of bergamot cologne
  2. a bottle of sirenflower perfume     9. a bottle of rosemary cologne
  3. a bottle of apple blossom perfume   10. a bottle of pale blue cologne
  4. a bottle of opium blossom perfume   11. a bottle of myrrh cologne
  5. a bottle of windflower perfume      12. a bottle of burnt crimson cologne
  6. a bottle of hyacinth perfume        13. a bottle of golden spice cologne
  7. a bottle of lotus blossom perfume   14. a bottle of sandalwood cologne

  Backroom Catalog
  15. a silver-gilded dark maoral wristlet

Mistress Tosylle

Unusually petite even for a sylph, Mistress Tosylle's diminutive size and delicate features give her the appearance of a woodland sprite or a mischievous child.  The fine lines around her mouth and eyes belie the latter impression.  Her gleaming flaxen hair is cut close to her scalp, and her slender physique is wrapped in silvery gauze that glimmers with cascades of emerald glints as light plays over it.  She wears fine slippers with high heels that do little to increase her unimpressive height.


"I hope that silly bard doesn't come in again asking for a kobold love potion again," says Tosylle, "I don't think he's quite right in the head."

"My scented soap idea went up in smoke," says Tosylle.  "Alas, not many people in South 'Haven bathe often enough to make my sales worthwhile.  I'm afraid we've moved on to scented oils and crystals now."

"As far as fragrances go," suggests Tosylle, "I usually wear something light and fresh for morning and afternoon, and then change to something a touch sweeter and more alluring for the evening.  Wearing a scent that is too sweet or heavy earlier in the day usually sends the wrong kind of message to the wrong kind of people."

"Fortunately, I was out of town when that whole mess happened with the tidal wave," Mistress Tosylle says, her eyes gone distant.  "I nearly lost everything. It gave me a new perspective on what's important.

"Scents, aromas and fragrances are so overlooked by people," laments Tosylle to no one in particular.  "They can set moods, influence a person's expectations and convey many different things.  They're amazingly powerful and useful."

"My adoptive father's shop was in the Old Market," muses Tosylle.  "I was never one for standing on tradition, though.  When Saterin's pawnshop closed out, I snatched my old place up in a heartbeat.  They tell me that when the town... came back--" She sounds uncomfortable. "--well, there was a great deal of structural damage.  Lucky for me, I was finally able to reopen with some help from my new investors."  She gets a lazy, satisfied smile at the last pronouncement.

North Room

[Mistsheen, Oils]
Tiered shelves of silvery wood sprout organically from the varnished maoral walls, the crystalline bottles of oil arranged atop them gleaming only slightly brighter than the smooth maoral. The air is heavy with a melange of spice and sweetness, although silk-draped windows let in the fresh sea breeze to leaven the scents.
Welcome to Mistsheen Oils!

A handsome mist dancer offers his scroll to browse.
A handsome mist dancer exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a small phial           3. a large amphora
  2. a medium-sized bottle  

South Room

[Mistsheen, Crystals]
Hanging swathes of pale grey gauze cordon off the alcove from the rest of the shop's spacious interior. Backlit by glowing candles, the cloth shimmers with hints of strange color and hue. A sculpted bronze brazier in the shape of a winged boar casts the cloying scent of burning herbs into the perfumed air.
Welcome to Mistsheen Crystals!

An alluring mist dancer offers her scroll to browse.
An alluring mist dancer exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. an aromatic acacia-infused crystal   6. an aromatic vanilla-cored crystal
  2. an aromatic bayberry-cored crystal   7. an aromatic mint-laced crystal
  3. an aromatic heather-laced crystal    8. an aromatic rum-infused crystal
  4. an aromatic ginger-cored crystal     9. an aromatic lilac-laced crystal
  5. an aromatic sage-infused crystal     10. an aromatic tobacco-cored crystal