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Moradga was Czag Dubra of a Krolvin invasion fleet that attacked Teras Isle. When the invasion stalled, Moradga was recalled by the Krolvin War Council.

The title of Czag Dubra was passed to a Krolvin named Akhri, who was murdered by Sankir the Bloodfist.


You see Moradga, the Czag Dubra of the Krolvin Nation.
She is a krolvin of extraordinary height. Her piercing, ink-black eyes are never still, always calmly surveying her surroundings. A few locks of her long mane of white hair have been braided into thin plaits and tied with leather cord. Her every movement is fluid yet controlled, and her lithe and strong body seems charged with reserved power.
She is wearing a polished eonake helmet tufted with braided strands of fine flaxen hair, a razern-bossed heavy hide shield, a muted black jacket adorned with thick gold-threaded epaulets, a necklace of glyph-carved finger bones, a leopard fur baldric, a suit of razern-studded blackened hide brigandine, some fitted black linen trousers with deep blue piping, and some tall black polished leather boots.