Mortar and pestle

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Mortars and pestles can be purchased in the guild alchemy shops and town alchemist shops. Each is much less expensive when purchased in the various guild alchemy shops. They are used in tandem to GRIND ingredients. Mortars and pestles have also been available from festival shops.



Mortars can hold up to five small items and contents can be emptied into other containers or discarded using CLEAN.

Verb First Third
CLEAN First clean:If you are sure you want to clean out the mortar, type the command again within 10 seconds.

Second clean: You carefully clean out the mortar, taking care to ensure no trace of its previous contents remains.

Second clean: XXX carefully cleans out a mortar.
GRIND (item) You take the pestle into your free hand and grind the acantha leaf, moving the pestle with deliberate, methodical motions.

Roundtime: 5 sec.

XXX takes a pestle into her free hand and grinds some ground acantha leaf, moving the pestle with deliberate, methodical motions.

Additional Information

Prior to the implementation of alchemy, they were solely used by sorcerers to make crimson salt crystals for Animate Dead (730). Because of this, some mortars are still sold using the old coding and must be converted. This includes the mortar sold in the Wehnimer's Landing alchemist shop. In order to convert the mortar, the matching pestle must be used, and that pestle may only be used on one mortar. Place the pestle in the mortar and TAP, then RUB it.

You remove an ivory porcelain mortar from in your spidersilk cape.
>put pes in mort
You put a smooth porcelain pestle in your porcelain mortar.
>tap mort

[You may RUB this mortar in the next 10 seconds to convert it to a new-style mortar.  Please be sure that the pestle you wish to convert is inside the mortar.  This is a one-way change!  You will NOT be able to convert your mortar back to its original state after this change!]

>rub mort

[Your porcelain mortar has been converted successfully!  Remember to REGISTER it and the pestle!]
Mortar and pestle Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep Yes
Item Verbs