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REGISTER is a verb mainly used to register items and their properties into a database. It is also used to select a surname at each respective town's clerk. This article currently addresses REGISTER with regards to items.

One should register every item of importance to him or her. Items may be REGISTERed anywhere, but players can only find out who an item is registered to in the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, located in every major town. These offices are located in the administrative buildings such as Moot Hall in Wehnimer's Landing (Lich room# 13845).

Register (most places):

REGISTER {item} - Record the details of an item in your registration record

Register in a Registrar's Office booth:

You accept XXXX's offer and are now holding a large woven moss knapsack.
>go cur
You move behind the curtain with some trepidation
[Registrar's Office, Booth]
You've entered a space which is wedged between two rows of filing cabinets and sectioned off by a heavy brocade curtain. In it is a simple modwir desk with an elderly clerk sitting behind it, peering over the mounds of paper which surround him. He snorts to himself once, mutters something under his breath, then returns to work. You also see an elderly clerk and a neatly-lettered sign.
Obvious exits: none


REGISTER {item}      - Record the details of an item in your registration record
REGISTER INFO {item} - Get information on the most recent registration of an item
>register info kna
The elderly clerk says, "Ah, yes.  I recognize that item.  One moment, please."  The clerk rummages through some papers on the desk and finally pulls one out.  "It would seem that your knapsack there was last registered to XXXX."

Behind the Scenes

In the event of item loss due to a game bug GameMasters will replace items using the information contained in the registration database. Thus, whenever an item is altered by a merchant, or another player, it should be re-registered. This includes attunement status, enchanting, ensorcellment, alteration, lightening and deepening. Most merchants will register an item under your character before returning it to you when working on it, but not always.

In the event of an item being disarmed, the Loresong on an item will only show the name of the person disarmed if the item was registered prior to being disarmed.

One can INSPECT an item to see how long ago it was registered.

Whether an item is registered will appear in parentheses after an item in a locker manifest.


Locker manifest

On a weapon rack:
65    a blackened mithglin hatchet with a stout fel haft
66    a fir-handled rolaren-spiked maul
67    some supple kidskin gloves embroidered with veniom threads
68    a perfect vultite maul with black rolton fleece wound about its haft (registered) (marked)
69    some brilliant white boots reinforced with veniom threads (registered)
70    some brilliant white boots reinforced with veniom threads
71    some supple kidskin gloves embroidered with veniom threads
72    a monir-hilted vaalorn short sword (marked)
73    a glaes-banded silvery orase staff
74    a crystal-hafted void black warlance (registered)


>register my staff
Your item, "a faenor-banded silvery lor staff", has been registered.  Please remember that this is not proof of ownership.
>insp my staf
You carefully inspect your silvery lor staff.

After a careful inspection you determine that a faenor-banded silvery lor staff requires skill in twohanded weapons to use effectively.

You remember that you registered this item about a minute ago.

It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of lor.


Posted 10 Jan 2015
I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone what registering does, and why it's important. When you REGISTER an item, it creates a snapshot of that item at that time. It doesn't offer any tracking, it doesn't create a paper trail to where the item is. But it gives us an idea of how to rebuild the item, should we be able to figure out what happened to it. Without registering, staff cannot rebuild an item if it comes down to needing that. There are a slew of reasons why we may need to review a registration of an item. It's not always if you lost your item. So using the REGISTER command is very important. It doesn't hurt to register something you've already registered, especially if the properties may have changed (you should definitely update a registered entry when something changes).

The casual player tends to have about 30 to 50 registrations over a character's lifetime. Someone who goes to a lot of merchant events, or gets a lot of merchant work, usually have about 200 to 300 registered items over the character's lifetime. Someone who is very thorough with their registering might have 500 or so entries per registration category (we have a few, not many). These are good, healthy numbers. However, something seems to have changed recently. I'm not sure if someone has built a function to automatically register items. But it seems people are registering, well, everything. Someone registered what I believe was an alchemy mule character. Every single alchemy reagent and gem. Several times.

So that brings me to the next subject. Erroneous registering. When we only have several dozen registration logs to review, we typically can find what we're looking for pretty quickly. But when there are thousands, the chance for human error increases quite a bit. And it can take us a long time to review things. Unfortunately, our system requires us to go through only a set number of entries at a time. This could definitely increase the likelihood that we can't do anything about your given situation.

Register responsibility in 2015! Friends don't let friends loop through inventory! Try not to read between the lines. Registering is needed, but in moderation.

~Wyrom, APM

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