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*Chairs are optional. They must be opened to multiply
*Chairs are optional. They must be opened to multiply
;Lists of Shops
;Lists of Items (non-festival/pay event shops only)
*[[Premium home doors‎]]
*[[Premium home fireplaces‎]]
*[[Premium home firewood shops‎]]
*[[Premium home floors‎]]
*[[Premium home floor coverings‎]]
*[[Premium home furniture‎]]
*[[Premium home walls‎]]
*[[Premium home wall hangings‎]]
*[[Premium home windows‎]]
;Lists of Shops  
*[[:Category: Premium Home Door Shops|Doors]]
*[[:Category: Premium Home Door Shops|Doors]]
*[[:Category: Premium Home Fireplace Shops|Fireplaces]]
*[[:Category: Premium Home Fireplace Shops|Fireplaces]]

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Premium subscription members can have premium homes. Only one character per account may have a home, but all characters may access it.

The premium home system has been up for a review since its inception.

Home types

Homes are divided into several basic categories:

- Urban or Rural
- Lower, Middle or Upper Class
- Freestanding Structure or Door
- Race or Class restrictions (select homes only)

Recognizing a home's category:

Lower Rural: hut or shack, or sagging wooden door.
Middle Rural: cabin or cottage, or modest wooden door.
Upper Rural: domicile or sturdy wooden door.
Lower Urban: hovel or sagging metal door.
Middle Urban: home, cottage, or modest metal door.
Upper Urban: residence or sturdy metal door.

The type of home you claim will forever determine what the OUTSIDE of that home may look like. Home exteriors must match the neighborhoods in which they have been placed (cabins will only be allowed in rural areas, for example, and shanties will not be allowed in expensive neighborhoods.)

The exteriors of shops (as well as doors) can be changed in Misty Isle Exteriors on Mist Harbor.

Purchasing a new home

To claim a home, go to the Town Hall in your area and pay the real estate clerk there the appropriate fee (type ASK CLERK ABOUT HOMES to find out what the fee is that day). To pay the clerk, type GIVE CLERK <amount> where <amount> equals the exact amount in silvers. If you have a bank note, the clerk will notice this and use the note.

>ask realtor about homes
"A home will cost you 100000 silvers if you want to register for one right now," says the realtor.  "Of course, the price will probably drop soon, but if you wish to register now, just give me the appropriate fee and I'll set you up."
(You'll need to GIVE the realtor 100000 silvers or a bank note for the same amount.

After you have paid for the a home, go to a room in which there is a claimable home you like, and type HOME CLAIM. The system will show you a list of available homes and ask you to confirm your claim.

Moving an existing home

Whether you stay in the same neighborhood or move half-way across Elanith, you must ship your furnishings. Go to the local Cartage Merchant and the merchant will tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take. Following the directions on the sign, order shipment of your furnishings.

To order shipping of your furnishings, hold your deed in your right hand and promissory note in your left hand.

The next important step is to WAIT. Wait until your furnishings arrive at the new destination. Then you may go to your new home and, with deed in your right hand, type HOME CLAIM. When your home is successfully claimed, your furnishings will be inside.


Each home has several categories of furniture that are used to build the room description when you type LOOK. Whenever a new item of furniture is purchased, the old item in the same furniture category in your home is replaced.

Tips for Decorating
  • Rugs and other floor coverings are optional
  • Decorations for hanging on walls are optional
  • Two large objects are allowed. One does not have to be a bed, but usually is
  • Doors may be hidden from view
  • Having a window is optional. They may be hidden from view using TAP
  • Chairs are optional. They must be opened to multiply
Lists of Items (non-festival/pay event shops only)
Lists of Shops

Shops may also have pets, which are found in Island Menagerie on Mist Harbor.

HOME (verb)

Using the HOME verb anywhere in the game will bring up the HOME menu. Certain parts of the verb must be used by home owners, or in the home only.


HOME CLAIM will attempt to claim a home in a neighborhood.


HOME CHANGE changes the way your room is described.


A floor spreads across this room into surrounding walls of (wall material). A fireplace, a wall decoration hanging above it, stands guard over the bed and table that rest upon a rug covering the floor. A lingering scent of gardenia fills the air.
A lingering scent of gardenia fills this room. Its rug-covered floor supports a bed and a table, and the area is enclosed by walls of (wall material). A fireplace sits at the far wall, above it hanging a wall decoration.
A bed and a table rest upon the floor of this room. A fireplace, a wall decoration hanging above it, sits at the edge of the cotton rug covering the floor. Walls enclose the area, holding in its lingering smell of gardenia.
A rug adorns the floor of this room. A fireplace, wall decoration hanging above it, rests between a bed and a table pushed up against the walls. The room holds a lingering scent of gardenia.
Walls of (wall material) and a floor covered by a rug enclose this room. In one corner lies a simple stick cot, and near the cot sits a table. Above a fireplace hangs a wall decoration. The room holds a lingering scent of gardenia.

HOME SWAP (verb)

HOME SWAP enables you to swap the position of your 'bed' and 'table' items. This allows you to replace each with a separate category of furniture. Please pay careful attention to what the merchant says when you order a new piece!


Home owners may give a key to ONE character who is not on their account.

HOME GUEST {player} sets ONE guest who may enter the home at any time.

HOME GUEST CLEAR clears your guest.


HOME PRIVACY {FAMILIAR | LOCATE} turns privacy options on or off.

The HOME PRIVACY FAMILIAR flag must be on if you wish to summon a Premium pet in your home.

HOME SAVE (verb)

HOME SAVE saves your room description, scent, privacy options and guest.


HOME TRANSFER transfers ownership to the character typing the command. You must stand in the room of your home entrance to use this command.

You can transfer your home from one character to another on your account by standing in the room of your facade and typing HOME TRANSFER (with the character you want to be the new owner).

HOME DEED (verb)

HOME DEED creates a deed for your home, which can be sold or moved.

Type HOME DEED CONFIRM to get the deed to your home. Your home will become deserted. For a period of 96 hours, only someone with that exact deed will be able to claim that particular home.