Prop Up

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Prop Up
Mnemonic [prop]
Type Passive Buff
Requirements You must be wielding a shield of a size that you are maintaining the prerequiste ranks of Shield Focus in.
Available To Warriors, Paladins
Available In Shield Specializations
Prerequisites Large or Tower Shield Focus (at rank 3)
Rank Square
1 6  
2 12 
3 18 
5 -


You have learned how to rely on your shield like another arm to prop yourself up.


Gain a 1/3 chance per rank to avoid being knocked to the ground due to critical damage. Gain a +5 bonus per rank against Sweep, Tackle, Bull Rush, and Hamstring attacks.

Additional Information


Dozens of long thorns suddenly grow out from the ground underneath your feet!  One of the thorns jabs into you!
   ... hits for 3 points of damage!
   ... 2 points of damage!
   Strike pierces thigh!
   You instinctively drive your illthorn greatshield into the ground and prop yourself up!
Suddenly, you hear a loud *clink* as a large pair of carefully concealed metal jaws slam shut on your right leg!
   ... 30 points of damage!
   Hard blow breaks your femur!
   You instinctively drive your tower shield into the ground and prop yourself up!
   You are stunned for 6 rounds!