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Image created by the Pukk using MidJourney
Race Human
Culture Shakat
Profession Rogue
Religion Worships Lord Cholen
Affiliation(s) House Rising Phoenix
Drakes Vanguard
Clan Snar
In-a-Word Mischievous
Disposition Happy
Demeanor Friendly
Greatest Strength Loyalty
Greatest Weakness Loyalty
Habits Frustrating Cryheart and Hapenlok
Hobbies Frustrating Cryheart and Hapenlok
Soft Spots candy

Running through the back streets of the town, the young boy tries to lose his pursuers. Ducking into a pile of rubbish, he holds his breath and movements as the small group of soldiers rush by. Glancing down to the item in his hands the boy scowls.

“They threw it away. They didn’t want it.” The boy mutters to himself as he pulls the item to his lips and takes a bite out of the half-eaten bun with a disdainful grimace.

I miss Nibbs and Tosn! If they were still here we would be happy and together! The boy thinks sadly and remembers when the Turamzzyrian soldiers and the weird man in the robe caught his group unaware while they were sleeping by the hut in the shanties. I should have stayed to help them! Maybe we could have all got away! This town doesn’t even belong to those soldiers!

Silently the boy cries while eating his meal for the day. I hate those soldiers…I hate those people!

“I am Pukk. I will never forget. I will never forgive.” The boy mutters to the darkness as he swallows what is left of his meal, closes his eyes and tries to sleep the uneasy, fretful sleep of his kind.


You see Pukk.
He appears to be a Human.
He is tall. He appears to be an adult. He has silver-flecked sapphire blue eyes and smoothly tanned skin. He has shoulder length, lush onyx black hair. He has small birthmark in the shape of a lute on the apple of his cheek and distinct bow-shaped lips.


Abandoned at an early age in Wehnimer's Landing, Pukk has only a few memories of his parents. Only due to the few items his parents left him and a meeting with wandering bard who saw his parents on the day they entered the town did he become aware that he might be Tehir. It was later that he learned he was Shakat.

Found wandering the streets of Landing alone, a few of the shanty town kids took Pukk in and sheltered him. Banding together the group provided for each other. Wondering his place in life, Pukk tried his hand in healing but quickly found out that he did not have the knack for the healing and his advice on herbs went unheard. Then came his quick trial into all things rangerly. This ended badly since Pukk was unaccustomed to the life outdoors and the magics of the profession. Not having the voice for Bardhood, Pukk learned how to lift change from coin pouches and the art of the cutpurse.

As all things come and go, so too did the group of kids. Some moved on, some were caught lifting and some found the wrong side of a sword. Pukk’s closest friends and his protectors, Nibbs and Tosn, were the last to go. Abducted one night by soldiers and a mage of the Turamzzyrian empire, the two were carried off never to be heard from again.

This led to Pukk apprenticing himself under various warriors for weapons training. Although Pukk’s mischievousness grew, so did too his scorn for those from the empire as well as his love for his town and friends.


Running through the streets Pukk and the rest of the kids practiced tumbling. You wouldn’t think kids who haven’t ate since the day before could have fun, but they were.

“Damn ye lot,” complained a merchant walking down the road as the kids tumbled in front of him. “Go back t’yer homes and stay out o’ my way!”

Pukk paused briefly and looked back at the merchant in fine silk clothing shaking his fist at him.

“Home..” Pukk whispered softly to himself.

“Guards should get rid o’ the lot of ye,” snorted the merchant loudly as he turned and continued walking down the road without a further consideration of the kids.

Still staring at the merchants back Pukk felt a tug on his sleeve. Looking over he noticed his friend Syvlle pulling on his tunic. “Come on you!”

Pukk’s face breaks out in a grin as he glances at his half-elven friend and quickly says, “Race you there!” And starts running past his friend and the other kids.

“Cheater!” Yelled Syvlle as he ran to catch up with Pukk and the other kids quickly following.

Fifteen minutes later the kids all stood in the alcove located in the sewers panting to catch their breath.

“Yeah tis is it, we will find riches down dere!” One of the kids pointed to the floor. “Tis a secret door. We will all have t’jump t’make it open.”

The kids glanced around with wonder and hope in their eyes. This meant they would be able to eat.

The leader of the gang started jumping on the trap door as an example. “Come on y’lot. I can’t do tis alone!”

With that Pukk and the rest of the kids started jumping. The jumping lead to giggling and the giggling lead to pushing. Pretty soon the kids forgot their original purpose and started enjoying themselves and laughing. Until a creaking and popping sound came from the floor. This caused the kids to stop jumping, now scared and confused.

“That doesn’t sound..” one of the kids started saying but was cut off in midsentence as the panel gave way beneath them and they all fell.

Recovering the leader of the gang stood up and exclaimed smugly, “See I tolya!”

“Where are the riches and treasures ye promised?” one of the kids asked petulantly.

“Dunno, I heard tis should be around here.”

It was at this moment skittering was heard off in the gloom and pairs of yellow eyes could be seen in the dark. Mole-like creatures that stood upright. Thryils. The kids screamed as the creatures started attacking these intruders. In the midst of the confusion Pukk tripped and fell, hitting his head and losing consciousness.

As Pukk slowly awoke, he became aware of where he was at. His body hurt, his head hurt and worst of all. He felt alone. Crawling around in the darkness Pukk found some of the other kids. Their body soaked in some sticky substance. Blood. The bodies where all cold.

As Pukk continued to crawl he found Syvlle, his friend, covered in blood and not moving.

“Syvlle!” hissed Pukk. “Syvlle we have to go!” he hissed again shaking his friend. Syvlle wouldn’t wake up. Crying Pukk started crawling again, stopping when he heard skittering and odd noises.

Hitting a wall Pukk started feeling around hoping to find something, finding nothing he followed the wall in the darkness until he found what felt like a broken ladder.

Climbing up the ladder Pukk pushed and was able to leave the confines of that tunnel.

“Hey don’t leave me” Pukk heard a whisper down below. Gasping Pukk glanced down and saw Syvlle climbing up after him.

“Syvlle!” Pukk exclaimed and hugged his friend tightly to him!

Lightning flashed across the distant sky. For a moment Pukk was in two places at once, his memories and the here and now.

Blinking the visions from his mind Pukk looks over at his friend Syvlle napping on the roof next to him.

Something else caught his attention, whispering from the street below.

Ruffians pulling a waif by the arm down the street. The frightened young child tugging to no avail, the men were stronger.

“Syvlle!” Pukk hissed “Get up!” rousing his friend. Soon they were following in the direction the ruffians took.

“There!” Pukk pointed to the ruffians as they ducked into the hut.

“Tunnels, they are heading to the damn tunnels!” Syvlle exclaimed as he pulled his black scimitar from his scabbard. “Damn them, they deserve to die!”

Pukk glanced over at his pale friend and shook his head. “Let’s worry about the kid first.”

Glancing quickly into the hut, their fears confirmed, it was empty. Quietly the pair went into the hut and down into the tunnels.

Listening to the retreating steps of the kidnappers, Pukk pulled out several sets of steel jaws and laid them around in the filth and water.

“I’m going to see if I can sneak up to him and get the child before it’s too late. You protect my exit. Ware the traps!”

Syvlle glared at Pukk but nodded.

Pukk quietly stalked the group until he found his opening. Temple shot to the head of the one holding the child and a quick kick to the gut of one of the others. Grabbing the child he ran as fast as he could towards the exit.

“Come on! It’s clear!” Yelled Syvlle.

Jumping over the traps Pukk climbed his way out and cleared the kid out in front of him. As Pukk cleared the hole he heard the cursing and oaths from the kidnappers as they felt his traps. Grinning maniacally, Pukk grabbed the kid and ran. Syvlle following close behind. A few minutes later Pukk stopped at the temple and explained to the priest what was happening and with the assurance from the priest that the kid would be well taken care of he took off down the street.

Stopping at one corner Pukk turned towards Syvlle and exclaimed, “That is what I am talking about. Protecting our kids as we can!” Pukk wildly gestures to the surrounding buildings.

“We take care of our own.” And with that final statement Pukk looks back at the darkened sky and smiles. Glancing over his shoulder he found Syvlle gone.

Figures he is probably grumpy because he couldn’t kill them. Pukk noticing the elderly peddler woman kneeling with her granddaughter looking at him.

“Evening Grammy!” Pukk exclaimed and waved. “Out of your bread already?”

The old woman waved back and shouted, “Yep! We ‘bout to go home Pukk. You should too!”

Pukk laughed and wandered down the street.

The little girl pulled on her grandmother’s arm and whispered, “Grams, why is Pukk talking to himself?” She points at Pukk as he gestures wildly before turning around and looking up at the sky.

The old woman kneels and tells her granddaughter, “Some people, like Pukk, sometimes have trouble accepting loss of their friends.”

It was at this point Pukk notices them and waves to them.

“Evening Grammy!” Pukk exclaimed and waved…


Rising Phoenix
Drakes Vanguard
Clan Snar