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A pure sorcerer is not a very popular archetype in the lands of Elanthia. It is a difficult path that sacrifices casting strength (CS) for the ability to use all utility spells and lore-based abilities proficiently. A pure sorcerer chooses sorcery not for one specific ability, but for the collective power of all the abilities. Most sorcerers choose a demonology or necromancy path. Pure sorcerers aspire to be extremely talented at both.

A pure sorcerer learns all spells from all three circles and how these spells interact together. When hunting, pure sorcerers know the perfect spell for every situation and can manage most swarms with relative ease.

A pure sorcerer seeking to know and practice all things sorcerous would also learn and master the skills taught in the Sorcerer Guild. Alchemy is a practice that some sorcerers do not learn to do until they are well into their prime. Focus of spell learning and usage, as well as potion and trinket making, form the basis of a pure sorcerer. Thus, when the time is right (recommended level 60 and up), a pure sorcerer should learn the ways of alchemy.

Balancing development of skills and spells make a pure sorcerer reach their full potential later than a focused training plan. However, around level 40 or so the sorcerer following this path will find him/herself with a very versatile skill set.

There are some training differences for a pure sorcerer than other builds. First is that we train more in lores, specifically Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy, Sorcerous Lore, Demonology, and Spiritual Lore, Summoning. There is no advisable way to learn all of these lores equally pre-cap, so one must choose what goals he wishes to reach (see the lore chart). Between the three lores, a pure sorcerer would likely gain two ranks every training. While elemental lores like fire might add to the effectiveness of Dark Catalyst, the benefit is rather trivial and the training point cost does equal the reward.

A pure sorcerer will also train more in Magic Item Use (MIU) and Arcane Symbols. One or both are essential in Scroll Infusion (714), Magic Item Creation (420), and Ensorcell (735). MIU will also allow the sorcerer to use and imbed wands. As the sorcerer will have a lower casting strength than other sorcerers, as well as only getting one rank per training in Harness Power, he will likely need to use wands to supplement mana. Joining the Council of Light is also advisable for access to Sign of Wracking, but is not necessary if the roleplay is conflicting to one's character.

To make life even more difficult, a pure sorcerer will train fully in Spell Aiming (twice per level) to make use of bolts and focused Limb Disruption (708), the best disabling spell of any profession. When a biped or quadruped has no leg it cannot run or use combat maneuvers, and its attack strength is severely hindered; when a caster has no right arm or hand, it cannot cast. This will also allow the sorcerer to effectively use the wizard-based spells found in gold wands, slender blue wands, and metal wands.

Our skills are unlike any other. We can summon minor demons to do our bidding, reanimate dead creatures to fight for us, and most important of we can travel to most places in the lands easily. It seems that most sorcerers would be likely to hunt alone. Pure sorcerers that have good control and well developed skills are great hunting party members and leaders.

Learning to use all your skills to the best of your ability takes time, practice, and patience. Advancing in levels helps to expand your talents, but practicing them makes them second nature. Don't just gain ranks in the various skills, practice using them at every opportunity. Infusing scrolls or imbedding items or summoning demons or animating the dead, and even planar travel will all be difficult when they are first learned. The time it takes to learn can be long and sometimes confusing. Take that time to work though the mistakes and failures until you know how they are performed correctly and proficiently.