Racial Ferroniere

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The Racial Ferroniere is a scripted headworn jewelry item. It is only ever allowed to be altered into particular items, as listed in the analyze.



You analyze your silver ferroniere and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This is the Racial Ferroniere that was first released in 5108 as part of the cultural and racial carts that wandered Mist Harbor.  It can only ever be altered into the following:

Aemikvai   - Giant          - The stone is always carved with a Saramar rune, and the setting is intricate knotwork.
Basrenne   - Forest Gnome   - Chain of woven or linked reeds which can be dyed. Gem is in its mostly natural state.
Elothrai   - Erithi         - Always uses an agate or an agita for the gem.
Ferrigem   - Burghal Gnome  - Chain uses bits and pieces of different metals, gem is in slivers or a shard, and a tiny gear or gadget is worked in somewhere.
Geldaralad - Elves          - Requires a twisted vaalin chain.
Khazurka   - Dwarf          - Mithril chain, cut gem, often very detailed.
Seer-stone - Human          - Oval-cut stone turned lengthwise to resemble a third eye.
Trinette   - Halfling       - Tri-stranded chain, trilliant-cut gem, and an elaborate setting.

For more information on the details of Ferroniere's you can go to:

Alter Instructions:
Please make sure that you remove the gemstone before giving this to an alterer to customize for you.
Please adhere to the rules above regarding this item.

Verbs: look, push (with gem in hand), pull (with empty hand), wear, and remove

You get no sense of whether or not the ferroniere may be further lightened.


Verb First Third
LOOK The silver ferroniere has a large black pearl nestled into its setting. It appears that a firm pull would unseat the pearl. N/A
PULL You carefully pry the black pearl out of your ferroniere and into your hand. XXX carefully pries the black pearl out of her ferroniere and into her waiting hand.
PUSH You push your black pearl into your ferroniere, and with an audible sound it clicks into place. XXX pushes her black pearl into her ferroniere, and with an audible sound it clicks into place.
REMOVE You unlink the silver-linked ferroniere upon your head and allow the black pearl to fall into your waiting hand. XXX unlinks the silver-linked ferroniere upon her head and allows the black pearl to fall into her waiting hand.
WEAR You arrange your ferroniere upon your head, carefully setting the black pearl at the center of your forehead. XXX arranges her ferroniere upon her head, carefully setting the black pearl at the center of her forehead.
Racial Ferroniere Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to Headworn
Alterable Yes
Original Release Year 2008
Restrictions Only certain nouns are allowed
Item Verbs