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Use Weapons, Armor, Armor Accessories, Shields, Runestaves, Bows
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier
Level Required
Special Properties Unique flare, Brine of the Rusalka
Primary Color misty-like swirls of azure across an inky black surface

Just a few short months after the sinking of Caligos Isle, rumors began surfacing of a new metal washing ashore on hard-to-reach beaches, but before anyone could touch this unusual, sea-gifted material, it shimmered and disappeared, leaving behind, for the briefest of moments, a wisp of a drowned maid or young man shrieking in a blending described as abject terror and incalculable anger.

Unbeknownst to the living world, this metal was reappearing in Naidem. For the last two years, skilled residents have been gathering it, studying it, and perfecting it. While still volatile, especially in its unworked form, rusalkoren is ready to be shown to the visitors and infiltrators of Naidem that appear during the month of Jastatos.

Featuring misty-like swirls of azure across an inky black surface, this metal is suitable for weapons and armor, but it has been known to lash out at any and all around it.

These same skilled artisans have also managed to meld this volatile metal with leather. Using an ancient technique once thought lost to time, the metal is heated until it is at its purest liquid form, then infused into salt water-softened leather before being crafted into whatever armor is needed. This new material, a hybrid of rusalkoren and leather, has been named rusalkysk.

Weavers, not to be left out, worked hard with alchemists, forgers, and mages to pull rusalkoren into a thin, threaded material able to be woven into protective robes. They call their creation rusalkita. And for those who wish merely to enjoy the beautiful look of the azure-swirled, tenebrous material, they crafted rusylka -- a silk-like material without any special (or terrifying) properties that is suitable for clothing. Rusylka cannot hold a dye, but the beauty of it is in its natural coloring -- mist-like swirls of azure across inky black, just like rusalkoren.

Collectively, rusalkoren, rusalkysk, rusalkita, and rusylka are categorized as "rusalkan," which is also the term given to the original metal prior to its being worked into any of its final useable forms.


Rusalkan armaments have an innate chance to flare when attacking or struck in combat. When it triggers, a wave of sea water appears in the area and attempts (SMR, with a bonus in watery environments) to knock down up to 3 targets. If successful, the rusalkan wielder receives the Brine of the Rusalka buff, which boosts their Attack Strength and Casting Strength for 10 seconds and grants a 1 second haste effect for physical and casting actions. The magnitude of the +attack effect is +10 AS/+6 CS for each target knocked over. There is a 30 second cooldown, titled Salty, that is also applied when the buff is applied. The cooldown blocks subsequent applications of the buff, but still allows the wave to appear in the room to knock down targets. It has a material difficulty of 200.

Rusalkoren is a metal suitable for weapons and armor. It can and will lash out at its wielder unless the spirit within is tamed. It has misty-like swirls of azure across an inky black surface.

Rusalkysk is the result of rusalkoren being heated until liquid and then infused into salt water-softened leather. It is suitable for crafting into leather armor.

Rusalkita is cloth that has been woven from thin threads of rusalkoren. It is suitable for crafting into cloth armor.

Rusylka is a silk-like cloth also woven from rusalkoren threads but not without any special properties. It is suitable for clothing. It cannot hold a dye, but the beauty of it is in its natural coloring, mist-like swirls of azure across inky black just like rusalkoren.

Additional Information

Due to its rarity, all forms of rusalkan requires fodder when used in alterations. See alter fodder for more information.

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