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Category: Magic Spells/Systems
Topic: Magic Systems
Message #: 3275
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 10/14/2009 10:12:08 AM
Subject: Re: Fash'lo'nae's Gift (1750) Released!

>>Unfortunately, for whatever reason, perhaps Oscuro can explain, several of those spells from that list are exempt from scrolls:

>>Call Swarm, Spike Thorn,

These spells have a success formula based almost exclusively on Ranger Spell ranks AFAIK, so their inclusion would be almost useless. I don't see an issue with including them in the treasure system, but that decision is up to the Ranger Team (Mestys, Lusus and Warden).

>i>>>Dauntless, Patron's Blessing, Champion's Might,</i>

Making additional combat statistic boosters readily available is undesirable as it causes spell stacking issues. We'll be making some allowances with the Minor Mental list, but expect Major Mental and Savant to be similar to the Paladin circle in terms of what spells will be available on scrolls.

>>Rapid Fire, and Immolation.

I'm not sure, personally.

= - GM Oscuro - =

Rogue Team
Cleric/Empath Team