Shield Charge

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Shield Charge
Mnemonic [scharge]
Type Setup
Roundtime 4s
Stamina Cost 14
Targets Right leg, and left leg
Offensive Gear Left hand
Requirements None
Attributes Flares/Spikes Enabled
Initiator Stance Penalty
Shield Defensive Bonus
Shield Size Modifiers
Racial Size Modifiers
Target Stance Bonus
Available To Warriors, Paladins
Available In Shield Specializations
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 2  
5 10


Charge at your foe with a powerful shield attack.


Maneuver a target with your shield dealing moderate impact and moderate unbalance damage. Can reduce stance. Applies Weakened Armament to the target for (5 + (Rank * 2)) seconds, Vulnerable for (15 + (Rank * 5)) seconds, and Staggered for (Success Margin / 6) seconds.

Additional Information

(As of PSM 3.0) Shield Charge does not require Shield Bash as a prerequisite. It is somewhat stronger than Shield Bash but costs more stamina (14 vs. 9), and cannot be used for Shield Strike.

Creatures that use this maneuver


Warrior charges forward at a plains ogre with her vultite kite shield and attempts a shield charge!
[Roll result: 128 (open d100: 75)]
and a plains ogre flips end over end and lands on its head!
  ... 5 points of damage!
  Blow raises a welt on the plains ogre's left arm.
The plains ogre is stunned!