Shield Riposte

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Shield Riposte
Available To Warriors, Rogues
Mnemonic [RIPOSTE]
Cost 20
Requirements none
Prerequisites Shield Bash rank 2
Rank Cost
1 4  
3 12

Shield Riposte is a martial stance and shield specialization that allows you to counterattack with shield bashes against enemies that strike you with melee attacks while you are in a forward or greater stance. The effectiveness of these reactive bashes is determined by your ranks in Shield Bash.

These reactive bashes inflict roundtime only and not impact damage from the reactive Shield Bash. Spikes or flares on the shield activate as normal and can damage the target.

Rank 1: 50% chance to react, one reactive bash per 5 seconds
Rank 2: 75% chance to react, one reactive bash per 4 seconds
Rank 3: 100% chance to react, one reactive bash per 3 seconds

Larger shields reduce the chance to react (-5% per shield size above small), but inflict greater RT.

Note that Shield Riposte activates when you are actually hit and not on a successful block.

The example below shows a successful riposte with a flaring shield. (Note: the penalty in the log was due to size difference between halfling and stone troll. There is no additional penalty for Shield Riposte)

A stone troll swings a war hammer at you!                          
  AS: +296 vs DS: +288 with AvD: +19 + d100 roll: +77 = +104       
   ... and hits for 1 point of damage!                             
   Hit glances off your hip.                                       
 ** Reacting instantly to the blow, you lash out with your imflass 
  buckler at the stone troll! **                                   
[Roll result: 151 (open d100: 68) Penalties: 36]                   
   Your attack connects!                                           
   A stone troll is knocked off-balance!                           
 ** Your imflass buckler releases a quivering wave of disruption   
  at the stone troll! **                                           
   ... 25 points of damage!                                        
   Minor muscle tearing on the stone troll's right leg.            
   The stone troll is stunned!                                     

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