Shield Riposte

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Shield Riposte
Available To Warriors, Rogues
Mnemonic [RIPOSTE]
Cost 20
Requirements none
Prerequisites Shield Bash rank 2
Rank Cost
1 4  
3 12

Shield Riposte is a martial stance and shield specialization that allows you to counterattack with shield bashes against enemies that strike you with melee attacks while you are in a forward or greater stance. The effectiveness of these reactive bashes is determined by your ranks in Shield Bash. These reactive bashes inflict roundtime only.

Rank 1: 50% chance to react, one reactive bash per 5 seconds
Rank 2: 75% chance to react, one reactive bash per 4 seconds
Rank 3: 100% chance to react, one reactive bash per 3 seconds

Larger shields reduce the chance to react (-5% per shield size above small), but inflict greater RT.

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