Silence (210)

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Silence (210)
Mnemonic [SILENCE]
Duration 30 sec + 1 sec per warding failure
Cast Time 2 sec. (3 for multi)
Mana Cost 3 (6 for multi)
Attack Magic - Disabling  
Subtype Warding 
Target(s) Single, Multi-target 
State(s) Inflicted Silenced
Major Spiritual Spells
Calm (201) Attack
Spirit Shield (202) Defensive
Manna (203) Utility
Unpresence (204) Utility
Light (205) Utility
Tend Lore (206) Utility
Purify Air (207) Defensive
Living Spell (208) Utility
Untrammel (209) Utility
Silence (210) Attack
Bravery (211) Offensive
Interference (212) Attack
Minor Sanctuary (213) Utility
Bind (214) Attack
Heroism (215) Offensive
Frenzy (216) Attack
Mass Interference (217) Attack
Spirit Servant (218) Utility
Spell Shield (219) Defensive
Major Sanctuary (220) Utility
Transference (225) Utility
Spiritual Abolition (230) Attack
Spirit Slayer (240) Offensive


Silence influences the spirits of sound to place a pall of silence over the target, subject to a warding roll. While silenced, the target will be unable to speak, sing, or prepare or cast a spell.

Not all creatures will react to, or be affected by Silence. In addition, Silence only prevents spells that require a preparation. It will not stop spell-like effects from creature maneuvers, such as some variants of Major Elemental Wave.

The open cast version of Silence will attempt to affect multiple targets starting at a base maximum of 3, increasing with training in Spiritual Mana Control. It will also ignore targets that are already under the effects of Silence.


  • PREP 210 | CAST {target} or INCANT 210 to cast this spell against a single target
  • PREP 210 | CAST to cast the OPEN version of the spell
  • INCANT 210 OPEN to open cast this spell once using INCANT
  • INCANT SET OPEN 210 to always open cast this spell using INCANT 210
  • INCANT 210 EVOKE to cast the OPEN version of the spell once using INCANT. This may potentially hit non-creatures (i.e. other player characters)
  • INCANT SET EVOKE 210 to always evoke this spell using INCANT 210. This is not recommended for open cast AoE attack spells

Mana Control Benefit

Potential targets for most open cast spells are set at a base maximum of 3, with additional targets possible for each 50 skill bonus of the appropriate mana control for this spell.

Mana Control ranks 0 10 24 50 100 150 200
Maximum number of targets 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Skill bonus converted to ranks.



A pall of silence settles over {Target}.


A pall of silence leaves {Target}.

Alchemy Recipe

Some soft golden sand
  1. Add powder solution
  2. Add 4 doses of kobold skin from kobolds
  3. Boil
  4. Add 2 doses of s'ayanad crystal
  5. Simmer
  6. Add powdered golden amber
  7. Infuse
  8. Chant Silence (210)