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Sixle Guhd is a sylph who was raised in an orphanage in the town of Wehnimer's Landing. The daughter of an empath named Sixla, she was brought to the orphanage by the locals of River's Rest as a small child after her mother went missing during an invasion that occurred in that town.

On her first day in the orphanage, she was accosted by several older boys there who were intent on having their way with her when the overseer was otherwise occupied. Just when she thought that all hope was lost, a young Dhe'nari about her age whom had just started studying the art of sorcery and happened to be nearby was called into service by the spirit Aeia. Using knowledge and skills temporarily granted to him by the spirit, he was able to chase off the older boys, severely injuring one in the process and saving Sixle.

As a result of this incident, the young Dhe'nari, Hesha, and Sixle formed a lifelong, unbreakable friendship and they both committed themselves to the service of Aeia. Sixle even goes so far as to refer to Hesha as her "brotha".

Growing up hearing stories of her mother's adventures as an empath in River's Rest, Sixle followed in her footsteps and became one as well. Insisting that both she and Hesha relocate to her mother's hometown as soon as they were both old enough to be released from the orphanage.

Shortly after moving to the Rest, Sixle met the man who was to become her husband, Dirik Guhd. While the two of them did not initially get along, they eventually discovered a deep attraction to each other. The rest, as they say, is history. The two of them still happily married with a daughter of their own named Diria Guhd.

Sixle's Personality

Sixle is a woman who sees the world in almost childlike black and white. Consequently, she has developed some strong discriminations. The most notable being against any of krolvin blood whom she can barely stand to be in the room with and will not hesitate to take up arms or spell against at the first hint of hostility, real or perceived.

She is also fiercely devoted to those she considers either friend or family, willing to protect them in any way possible. Several foolish troublemakers have learned the hard way not to underestimate how fast she will attempt to slay those that attack either, whether she's a match for them or not.

Despite her willingness to harm or kill others when she deems the situation calls for it, she much prefers to help others with her healing skills then to harm them with her blade. Spending most of her time away from her house sitting in the commons tending to the wounds of other adventurers. A testament to her devotion to healing was her willingness to take all the wounds inflicted on the towns defenders during the several invasions in which she found herself to be the only healer in town.

Sixle's Appearance

You see Lady Sixle Guhd the Bloodletter.

She appears to be a Sylvankind.

She is average height and appears to be very young. She has bright blue eyes and alabaster skin. She has shoulder length, flowing silver hair with a black streak running through it. She has a delicate face and sharp pointed ears.

She has some silver sapphire-dusted hoops set along the slender tips of her pointed ears, a sovyn clove tattoo on her neck, and a snickering rat tattoo on her ankle.

She is in good shape.

She is holding an antique gold-etched mirror in her right hand.

She is wearing some ruby and diamond hairjewels, a pair of sparkling ruby earrings, a white lily medallion, a silver-traced black pearl necklace, a delicate vaalin white lily pendant, a pale violet crushed velvet bodice with lavender shimmarglin sapphire buttons, a silver trim black leather backpack, some herb shrouded leathers, a gold ring, a sparkling ruby wedding band, a small silver pouch, an engraved solid silver scabbard, a pure white velvet gempouch clasped with a deep blue mermaid's-tear sapphire, a black cotton diamond-dusted skirt, and some high-heeled black leather boots with pointy silver toes.