Sorcerous Lore, Demonology

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A skill representing one's proficiency with extraplanar beings, and manipulation of matter in this plane and the next. Sorcerous Lore, Demonology only affects Sorcerer Base circle spells.

Increased training in demonology increases the maximum weight of items which one can phase. Base weight begins at 10 lbs or less, and is increased by 2 lbs for every bonus corresponding to seed 3 of the summation chart. The maximum weight which can be phased is 44 lbs with 187 ranks of demonology. It will also increase the SMR benefit by an unknown amount. The bonus increases in a linear progression (per rank), not via threshold or seed.
A chance for the spell to carry over to a new target if the initial target dies while the effect is still active.  % chance = (2 * seed 2 Demonology ranks).
Probability for the demon to retaliate upon one's foes is increased by .5% for each rank. The base chance is 70% and max is 95% (50 ranks). The possibility of a backlash effect (demon retaliation upon one's self) is also reduced with this training.
Training in demonology increases the damage factor by .001 up to 50 ranks, .001 per two ranks for ranks 51 to 100 and .001 per four ranks for ranks over 100. DF increase with 200 ranks is 0.100. Demonology Lore is a factor in determining the maximum number of targets that can be hit with the additional impacts from the spell (See ball spells).
Increased training in demonology allows the caster to control more individual torments at once. It also decreases the benefit which a tormented target receives for the caster having a spell prepared. The target receives a TD boost of +50 if the caster has a spell prepared when Torment strikes, and is reduced by 1 for every 2 ranks in demonology (max 0 at 100 ranks). If no spell is in preparation, demonology ranks then cause the demon to inflict increased damage.
The success of summoning is increased by 1% per rank. Base chance to summon using a tier 1 rune is 50% (max 100% at 50 ranks), and 0% using a tier 2 rune (max 100% at 100 ranks). Each rank allows the demon to carry more silver, hold more mana, and increases the demon's capability to interfere with and break sanctuaries.
Reduces the failure rate. The maximum number of grouped passengers is increased by 1 character for every 20 ranks (max 10 passengers at 200 ranks, excluding teleportation between separate zones, which never allows passengers). At 40 ranks, the INCANT function (also known as "gold ring function") is unlocked. At 75 ranks, it becomes possible to attempt teleportation to other realms within the same zone using low-quality chalk and even bring group members along.