Stiletto the goblin

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Stiletto the goblin
Storyline Beyond the Arkati
Cross Into Shadows
Gender male
Race goblin
Status dead
Relationship(s) Thrayzar, teacher
Stiletto the goblin
Service(s) Tattoos
Venue Frontier Days

Stiletto is a goblin rogue, sometimes merchant, and a trained pupil of Thrayzar. Stiletto has often made appearances at the annual Frontier Days in Wehnimer's Landing, but has been known to deliver messages for Thrayzar from time to time.

He was captured in 5118 and was missing for over a year before his melded, sewn form was killed in late 5119.


You see Stiletto.
He appears to be a Goblin.
He is short and appears to be young.  He has round reddish-orange eyes and light green skin.  He has short, tangled black hair with many longer strands decorated with tiny scrimshaw beads.  He has a round face, a bulbous nose and a nervous twitch.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a jagged yellow troll tooth in his right hand.
He is wearing a hook-covered fishing hat, a small silver stamp, a small stained buckler, a scrimshaw tackle box, a dirt-stained leather frock, a traveling satchel, a small bait pouch, a pair of buckled tan trousers, and a pair of muddy brown boots.

As an amalgamation with Abygail Wellington, 5119:

You see a macabre patchwork creation of flesh. The humanoid is misshapen, disfigured and ghoulish.  It appears to be the bodies of a human woman and a goblin fused, almost melted together.  The skin is covered with stitches and black-crusted sores.  The woman has clover green eyes that are strained and stretched in pain, and old blood and ichor coat her frazzled strawberry blonde hair that is not left in patches.  The goblin form seemingly growing off of the rest of the body has wide reddish-orange eyes that silently beg for relief.  Shadowy veins cover the goblin's skin which also is covered in a series of incarnadine scars.  Lumps shift beneath the skin of the abomination of the half-human, half-goblin.