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More Information Needed

Previously the only inspect/analyze listed was for a "fully unlocked with special features" gambling kit. Tonight I turned that into a section, and added sections called "unlocked but not fully unlocked" and "not unlocked" and listed the inspect/analyze for each of those. I do not know if this is a conventional way of doing things on the gswiki, but the previous wiki info led me to purchase a gambling kit which was not as expected. So for the future, I just wanted this information to be available on the gswiki so that other people do not waste their money after reading the article. The simplest way to do this was to include the inspect/analyze for other states of unlocked-ness.

Perhaps there was only one merchant who sold them, but there appears to be very little information available anywhere, concerning that original merchant. The only information is here: Gostahl's dicing and Albatross, and neither of those pages even mention the Gambling Kits that may have been sold, according to the Gambling kit gswiki article. I would like to see more information, if anyone knows more.

I would love to see this info incorporated into the main article:

  • inspect/analyze for a "fully unlocked" (but WITHOUT "special features" listed in the inspect/analyze) gambling case. That is the only analyze that is missing (except for maybe other auction quality gambling kits). This would help any potential buyers of a gambling case to better understand the distinctions among the various cases.
  • verb traps (and perhaps loresong information, if appropriate? or maybe loresong info is more appropriate on the Loresinging page?) for each type of gambling kit
  • more info about where these kits were sold, or won

Owners of an unlocked gambling kit could help by listing here on this Talk page (if your info is different than what is in the main article already):

  • description of your kit and of its "table" that it forms when placed on the ground
  • inspect/analyze of your kit and of its "table" that it forms when placed on the ground
  • loresong information
  • where kit was originally purchased (or won), if known
  • how much silver kit holds and whether the silvers are "weightless" (if that information is not already in the inspect/analyze)
  • whether you have had your kit "further modified" (GALD services) beyond the usual unlocking, just so we can begin to get a better picture of gambling kits overall, and whether there was a standard one or two types which were sold at the original merchant/merchants.

If you are not familiar with how to list info here, you are welcome to contact me in the game or via lnet. Enrichment of this article will require teamwork among the owners of various types of gambling kits: Thanks for that teamwork, both past and future. -Soliere FIRENSIA (talk) 03:32, 9 December 2019 (CST)