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Storyline Cross Into Shadows
The Roots of All Evil
Gender Male
Race Human
Culture Tehir

Teuriz is a wandering Tehiri shaman known for his expertise in black magic.


You see Teuriz.
He appears to be a Human of the Tehir tribes.
He is tall and appears to be in the meridian of life.  He has black-rimmed brown eyes and deep chestnut skin.  He has short, spongy, curly deep black hair.  He has a sharply angular face, a hooked nose and broad cheeks.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a woven white gauze veil stitched with small malachite stones, a heavy yierka-hide burnoose, some white ridgeweaver silk hand-wraps, a weathered morduska hide knapsack, a pair of dark goat hide trousers, and some supple bead-lined boots.


Teuriz successfully helped Maags regain her magic after a curse by Raznel blocked it. He also helped Bekke temporarily gain control over a winged chimera that was used to help fight off a krolvin invasion in Idolone during the War of Shadows.