Tiope Ysinia Vaalor

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Tiope Ysinia Vaalor
Storyline Ties That Bind
Cross Into Shadows
Gender Female
Race Elf
Hometown Ta'Vaalor
Affiliation(s) Crimson Legion


Located in the Festival of the Fallen grounds.

[Siren's Wood, Wolfsbane] RNUM: 22458
A quartz-inlaid white marble bench sits below paper lanterns and streamers in a pale rainbow of hues that have been draped from the low-hanging tree branches, creating a festive atmosphere. The wind sighs through the moonlit trees, setting the streamers dancing to an unheard tune, and fluttering the leaves on sprigs of indigo wolfsbane that cluster around a white marble statue.
Obvious paths: none
Tall and lithe, this white marble statue depicts a strong female elf.  Short, serviceable hair in a stylish cut frames a delicate face.  A suit of vaalorn plate and mail has been fitted over a carved, quilted gambeson.  A dark crimson jacket adorned at the shoulders with gold braid tied into six knots of rank rests lightly on the shoulders.  Clutched in her right hand is a burnished vaalorn longblade with a golden wyvern pommel.  Attached to the base of the statue is a patinated brass plaque.

>read plaque
In the Common language, it reads:
Tiope Ysinia Vaalor, Lord Legionnaire Commander