Unburied Treasure

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Unburied Treasure is the locksmith shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located at the northeast corner of Wandering Eye Market in a large wooden wagon painted black and silver.

[Unburied Treasures] RNUM: 28935
The salt-bleached floorboards of this wagon groan ominously underfoot, and a stuffed seagull eyes you suspiciously from a prominent perch directly over the driftwood countertop that dominates the space. Small chests and crates litter the floor, stacked haphazardly atop each other in places, and each containing some manner of bauble or trinket. The air is humid and dank in this place, combining with the small room to create a stifling ambience. You also see Smiley.


Welcome to Unburied Treasure!

Smiley offers his catalog to browse.
Smiley exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a tarnished brass circle hook      7. a translucent golden glaes hook
  2. a twisted invar circle hook        8. an amber-hued laje circle hook
  3. a dull silver circle hook          9. a spilt-barbed rolaren fishing hook
  4. a pitted grey ora circle hook      10. a set of professional calipers
  5. a white ivory fishing hook         11. a black suede lockpick case
  6. a blue-hued mithril fishing hook   12. a black byssus tool kit