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Ask me (almost) anything!

You can ask me just about anything, just by typing in a title in the box to the right, and then clicking the button. You'll be taken to an edit box with your title already in place, where you can pose your question. Don't forget to sign / date it with 4 tilde characters!

Interests within / about Elanthia

  • The wizard profession, and associated skills and spells.
  • Technical discussions about Mac OSX, Lich, Front Ends and Macros / Scripting.
  • Template / article design for GSWiki.
  • Elves - with a specific but unmentioned focus.

To do list

  • Evaluate use of 'Help file' style template, assess if it should become a template
  • In April, begin discussion on whether or not InputBox has a standard play to generate 'Talk' information.
    • First, find a way to overload placement, so that it isn't at the bottom, but at the top
    • Second, define risk
  • Need an improved format / template for scripts
  • Need a format / template for Game Entry (OS) help type information
  • Sort out in-game regions for GSWiki.
  • Confer on proper categorization / layout to visually show regions on GSWiki.
  • Identify all possible climates in-game.
  • Find way to visually show climates on GSWiki.
  • Identify all possible terrain in-game.
  • Find way to visually show terrain on GSWiki.
Longer term projects
  • Incorporate regions, climates, terrain and associated display with forage and maps.
  • Update herbs, woods, and appropriate forage-able items with appropriate information about where to find.
  • Is there a possibility of fumbling a check in the forage cascade?
  • Can InputBox be incorporated to search local page lists?
  • How do I best to incorporate script / macro submissions from users?
Activities Completed
  1. Wizard beginner's guide
  2. Redirect additional information template
  3. SP template (add non-breaking spaces, probably deprecated)
  4. log2 template using PRE to preserve spaces and line returns as viewed in game
  5. Updated Foraging with cascading check messages
  6. Too many tweaks here and there
  7. Re-consumed (borrowed / stole?) this wonderful user page design from User:BELATHUS <- credit, may make a template!
  8. Recreated the Wizard (front end) Help file that is distributed, to provide a linkable reference throughout GSWiki.

The Deprecated Files List

The Marked Delete Files List

All cleaned up! New files being sought even now.

Interests outside of Elanthia

  • Fairly private, so don't expect to see much here.

Subpages and Quick Ref Links