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Type System
System Character mechanics

CHECK is a system verb that ties into two different systems: Character Manager and Banking. Note: There is no in-game help messaging associated with this verb.

Character Manager


Characters can CHECK IN at the front desk of their local inn to access the Character Manager system and make adjustments as needed. While characters can continue to utilize this checking in for skill adjustment in lieu of the web interface, the main functionality for checking in includes three special case uses:

  • Before reaching level 20, players may adjust the character's stats five times (option 10).
  • Those players who wish to re-roll their character completely.
  • Those players who wish to include the character's current FAME status in the appropriate fame lists.

Also, a character can check to see if they have (or more accurately, do not have) redux. Upon exiting the Character Manager System, a character that does not have redux receives the messaging:

[Current skills bonus is insufficient to gain DF reduction.]

Conversely, a character with redux does not receive this messaging.

The exact amount of reduction is available via COMBAT DEFENSE.


>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
Please CHECK IN here.  Thank you, and have a nice day!

>check in
You get a room key from the innkeeper and wander off to your room...


Character: Name

     1. View your stats
     2. View your skills and spells
     3. Adjust Skill Goals
     4. Done
     10. Reassign stats  (5 use[s] left)
     86. Start again!  (recreate your character)

Enter selection and press enter:

Leaving your room, you check back out of the Thirsty Penguin, wander over to the front desk and hand the room key back to the innkeeper.  She nods briefly and then moves to help another weary customer.



When at an appropriate teller window at any bank, you can CHECK BALANCE for your bank account at that bank.


The teller thumbs through the books and says, "Your balance is currently at 738,587 silvers.  Is there anything else I can do for you today?"

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