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The QUEST verb is used to transport to pay events that are setup to use the verb, as well as provide information about an event and general quest policy.


   Standard Quests:
    QUEST POLICY    - General Quest Policy.
    QUEST HELP      - General help for the provided quest or event.
    QUEST TRANSPORT - Can allow transport to events and quests.
    QUEST NEXUS     - Transports to the Quest Nexus.
    QUEST STATUS    - Displays Quest Nexus Queues.
   Box Office Quests:
    QUEST DEATH     - Policy regarding Death and Treasure.
    QUEST KNOWLEDGE - Policy regarding Previous Knowledge
    QUEST INFO      - Information on quests you have signed up for.
    QUEST INFO {#}  - Specific information and policy regarding a quest you have
                      signed up for.  See QUEST INFO for quest numbers.

Quest Policy

>quest policy

General Policy:
Quests are to be treated like puzzles.  You do not blurt out answers over public communication channels (ex. crystal amulets) or give hints to those who've not already taken the quest.  What you experience on the quest should remain with you and those who've taken it.  Violation of this policy can result in you being banned from any future participation in special sign-up quests.
IMPORTANT: All Simutronics policies remain in effect during any quest and if you become disruptive you may be removed from the quest without compensation.  Examples of disruptive behavior include:
    -  Being extremely out-of-character.
    -  Actively thwarting the progress of other participants.
    -  Making disparaging comments about the quest or the people involved.
    -  Knowingly abusing a bug with game and/or quest mechanics.
    -  Using previous knowledge to gain a personal advantage or to give an
       advantage to someone else.
Determination of what is and is not disruptive behavior, removal, and/or warning of a quest participant is entirely at the discretion of the GameMaster monitoring the event.
Unless noted in the individual quest policy, quests are set up to escort you automatically to the quest area when it is time.  There is no need to assist or report to be moved.  However, when the quest is over, if you wish to return to your point of origin, you will need to travel yourself.

Quest Transport

>quest transport
 Transports you to the designated event or quest.
 Please note that you may need to purchase entry and the event or must be running.

    Sample Usage: Quest Transport summit

  SUMMIT - Summit Academy Entrance
  DUSKRUIN - Bloodriven Village Entrance
  DELIRIUM - Delirium Manor Entrance
  EBON - Ebon Gate Entrance
  RINGS - Rings of Lumnis Entrance

Quest Help

>quest help
 Provides help for the designated event or quest.
    Sample Usage: Quest help summit
  SUMMIT - Summit Academy
  DUSKRUIN - Bloodriven Village
  DELIRIUM - Delirium Manor
  EBON - Ebon Gate

Quest Nexus

>quest nexus
You will need to purchase a quest token from the SIMUCOIN store.

Quest Status

>quest status
Quest Nexus Status
 Night At The Academy: Available

Quest Death

>quest death

Deaths and Treasure:

Quests have dangers in them above and beyond the normal dangers of adventuring, therefore, all quests are at your own risk.  You may die and/or lose items during a quest.  It is just as possible to "walk" on a quest if you have few or no deeds as it is if you die outside of a quest, so always bring plenty of deeds.  Since quests are out of the ordinary, you probably should bring more deeds than you normally would feel comfortable with in day-to-day life.  Do not bring anything with you on a quest that you are not willing to lose.  (Including yourself!)  GameMasters will not replace items, experience, deeds, etc. that are lost due to a quest.

Specific treasure is never guaranteed on a quest.  Please do not report or assist because you think a treasure is "missing".  Just because something was there once does not mean it will be there again.  But we know you wouldn't even think of using previous knowledge anyway, right?

Quest Knowledge

>quest knowledge

Quest Groups and Previous Knowledge:

Usually, quests are a group activity.  Teamwork can be very beneficial for quests, and can prove to be crucial to unlocking all of the secrets to be had.  However, it is not required that your group stay together for the whole quest.  If your group does choose to split up during a quest, please remember if you exploit the time apart to use previous knowledge to solve puzzles, obtain treasure, or otherwise gain an advantage for yourself or another group member, at the exclusion of the rest of the group, this could be counted as disruptive behavior.  If you are just especially good with puzzles and riddles, please allow the rest of your team to attempt the puzzles before jumping in.  Disrupting the group (including acting out of character or using previous knowledge to gain a personal advantage) lessens the fun of everyone else, and may be grounds for you to be warned or even removed from the quest without compensation.

If a player in your group is attempting to rush the rest through and/or is quite obviously using previous knowledge, please REPORT them and state in the report that you are on the quest with this player using previous knowledge and/or rushing the group.  We hope all quests will be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

Quest Info

>quest info
You are not currently signed up for any box office quests.

Quest Nexus

The Quest Nexus was implemented in early 2018 and is accessed via purchase from the SimuCoin Store. Tokens cost 1,000 SimuCoins and can be used to access Night at the Academy and Return to Black Swan Castle. Troubled Waters will be converted in the "near future." RAISE the token or use the QUEST NEXUS command to teleport to the Nexus.

Quest Status

Use QUEST STATUS or LOOK at the token to see if a quest is in progress or if it is available for questing.