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Changes in Prizes

Several changes have been made to prize offerings over the course of the Return to Black Swan Castle Quest. The quest was originally graded in tiers up to six, with prizes according to level. This was later modified to only two tiers: a "success" or "not success." The first prize list released included masterfully crit padded armor, but this was downgraded to heavily crit padded before the quest went live. Several highly valued prizes, including the padded armor, were removed when the grading changed two tiers in June 2013.

Prizes for Tier 2 (Successful) as of June 2018

Item Purpose
a dark crimson kelyn dagger with a black leather-wrapped hilt Fully unlocked five-times enchanted Siolan dagger; Enhances Ambush and Combat Maneuver Bonuses
a greyish green troll-arm scabbard terminating in withered fingers Squishy troll-arm scabbard that can hold one weapon; Enhances Health Recovery
a blackened troll-leg backsheath dangling purple decaying toes Squishy troll-leg backsheath that can hold two weapons; Enhances Health Recovery
a thick leather blackjack bound with vultite Four-times enchanted blackjack with knockout flares
a sapphire-eyed golden skull ring Skull Ring that attunes to a container to open and shut it; Enhances Perception
a silver-streaked carved onyx feather brooch Gold ring holder with feather messaging; Enhances Max Mana and Mana Recovery
a speckled white and red drakar short sword with a flame-shaped crossguard Fully unlocked Thousand Cuts short sword; enchanted six times with fire flares
a bone-encased vultite longsword Four-times enchanted expander weapon -- switch between a dagger, a short sword, and a longsword!
a fuzzy orange yarn mugwump Disk Transformer with 500 charges; results in oil-coated disk
a string of alternating black and white marble prayerbeads Unattuned prayerbeads; Enhances Religion Lore
a pouch-lined harness with contrasting black and white crossed straps An unlocked Cidholfus bandolier (12 verbs) with increased capacity
a heavy black linen harness embroidered with swans in flight Katana sash with special Black Swan Castle loresong; Enhances Edged Weapon Bonus
a shaggy dark grey wolf fur satchel Fully unlocked Cidholfus pelt bag; Enhances First Aid and Survival Bonuses
a gnarled blackened orase quarterstaff Six-times enchanted quarterstaff with a hidden four-times enchanted katana inside
an open-backed white satin gown patterned with contrasting black feathers Nalea gown with Black Swan Castle loresong
a lacquered black ruic longbow with polished eahnor nocks Four-times enchanted somewhat-sighted longbow; Enhances Perception, Ranged Weapon, Dexterity, and Ambush Bonuses
a pair of multi-colored gloves of overlapping myklian scales Five-times enchanted unarmed combat gloves with Unbalance flares
a grey-green carved wooden troll with an oversized head Figurine that allows you to speak (but not understand) Trollish
a marbled black and white two-toned stone bead Fully unlocked hair bauble; includes braid and ponytail options
a twisted troll spine Drop into your existing non-enhancive armor to add Health and Stamina Recoveries
some loose white robes with a plush polar bear fur collar Five-times enchanted robes with fire flares and fur lining
a purple-veined black leather backpack Reduces encumbrance once per day (20 minutes of the Feather Charm buff); max light and deep (6/140); a couple of verb trap scripts; cannot be altered except the color or being turned into a pack/knapsack
a glass-encased troll flesh pin Infuses health once per day; Enhances health recovery
a carved wooden troll magus fetish Infuses mana once per day; Enhances mana recovery

Prizes for Tier 1 (Unsuccessful) as of November 2016

Item Purpose
a pearly vaalin filigree ring supporting an oval-cut bloodjewel Enhances Harness Power, Mana Recovery, and Spiritual, Mental, and Elemental Mana Controls Bonuses (*)
a withered chicken foot on a frayed piece of twine +25 Stalking and Hiding Bonus; +25 Ambush Bonus, Attuned, Not rechargeable (*)
a withered troll finger pendant suspended from knotted twine +20 Dodging Bonus, +10 Agility Bonus, +10 Intuition Bonus, Attuned, Not rechargeable (*)
a pair of long feather-buttoned white leather gloves +25 Spell Aiming Bonus; +5 Air Lore Ranks, Attuned, Not rechargeable (*)
an ebon opal and pewter wire black swan charm +15 Mana Recovery, Attuned, Not rechargeable (*)
a glimmering diamond and pearly vaalin wire white swan charm Enhances Max Spirit and Spirit Recovery (*)
a platinum wire and blue sapphire horned pegasus charm +20 Stamina Recovery, +10 Constitution Bonus, Attuned, Not rechargeable (*)
a lush brown wolverine fur scarf with a white stripe +20 Stamina Recovery, +30 Survival Bonus, Attuned, Not rechargeable (*)
a long dark green alligator bag with topaz eyes Self-closing large capacity belt-worn container
a fuzzy calico kitten-shaped satchel mottled with brown and tan Self-closing large capacity belt-worn container
a crude troll hide bag stitched with sinew Large capacity belt-worn container; Enhances health regeneration
a silvery imflass close helmet plumed with a white swan feather Heavy critical padded helm with locking faceplate; Enhances Multi Opponent Combat Ranks, Combat Maneuver Bonus, and Strength Bonuses (*)
a black felt hat with a rolled brim Enhances Dexterity and Perception Bonuses (*)
a rough mottled brown orc hide hip-satchel Large capacity belt-worn container; has a skull clasp
a pair of black leather gloves with dark grey palms Trick gloves; Enhances Disarming Traps, Picking Locks, and Pickpocketing Bonuses (*)
a pair of dark brown silk gloves patterned with copper sigils Ensigiled gloves; +20 Spell Aiming Bonus, +15 Mana Recovery, Attuned, Not rechargeable (*)
a feather-motif silvery imflass lance Five-enchant weapon that telescopes between a cudgel and a lance; Enhances Multi Opponent Combat Ranks & Strength and Agility Bonus (*)
a chain-link gold and ruby cabochon bracelet +3 Logic Bonus
a low-cut pearly cloth-of-vaalin gown with narrow off-shoulder sleeves Fully unlocked Metallic gown

Prizes marked with (*) will attune to the winner and have enhancives that will burn out quickly ~GM Vanah

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