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Alchemy Ingredients

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Alchemy Discussions
Message #: 5728
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: 12/09/2007 11:03:29 AM
Subject: Rummage for Alchemy Ingredients

An option has been added to the RUMMAGE verb to allow players to rummage through containers for specific alchemy ingredients.

RUMMAGE [in|on|under|behind] {container} INGREDIENT {string}

This feature will search against the canonical name of the ingredient (the name that appears when an ingredient is checked with ALCHEMY EXAMINE) and place the first item found matching the indicated search {string} into a free hand.

The search supports partial string matching, so a search for "amb le" would match "ambrominas leaf", and a search for "blu es sha" would match "glimmering blue essence shard."

Search terms are tested against the beginning of words in the canonical name of the ingredient, so while "blu es sha" would match "glimmering blue essence shard, "blu sen har" would not.

Any number of search terms can be supplied, but the terms will be checked that they appear in the order they are specified, so while "blu es sha" would match "glimmering blue essence shard", "es blu sha" will not.


Holy Receptacle (325)

Category: Clerics
Topic: Cleric General Discussion
Message #: 1087
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 5/14/2008 10:21:55 PM
Subject: RUMMAGE and Holy Receptacle (325)

The RUMMAGE verb has been updated to find Holy Receptacle (325) blessed gems of the common deity tier in a container; that is, Silver to Gold, Brimstone, Nexus, Chrism and Intercession blessed gems. This operates in the same fashion as rummaging for scrolls with spells, runestones or alchemy ingredients. The syntax is as follows:

RUMMAGE [in|on|under|behind] {container} HOLY {tier}

- GM Oscuro -