Ambrominas leaf

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Ambrominas leaf
Uses Healing, Alchemy
Bounty Points 250
Climate Terrain
 ? Arid
 ? Arid Temperate
 ? Cold Damp
 ? Cold Dry
 ? Freshwater
 ? Hot Damp
✓ Humid
 ? Moist
 ? Saltwater
 ? Snowy Arctic
✓ Temperate
 ? Barren Scrub
 ? Coniferous
✓ Cultivated
 ? Deciduous
✓ Grassland
 ? Hard Flat
✓ Hilly
 ? Mountainous
 ? Muddy Wetlands
✓ Plain Dirt
 ? Riparian
 ? Rough
 ? Sandy
 ? Subterranean
 ? Tropical

Ambrominas leaf is a widely used herb that heals minor limb damage.

Mechanical Benefit

The ambrominas leaf heals minor limb damage (minor cuts and bruises), leaving a minor limb scar (old battle scars). It is easily bundled into large multiple bite bundles with a maximum of 50 bites.

Requires 10 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Summoning to be summoned via Herb Production (1118).

Other Remedies

A tincture of ambrominas is currently available for sale in:

Alchemy Recipe

A tincture of ambrominas
  1. Add water
  2. Add ambrominas leaf
  3. Boil

Plant Information


Ambrominas bushes have oval leaves of a dark green hue.

Foraging Information

Each freshly foraged ambrominas leaf has 4 bites.

Ambrominas leaf can be foraged in the following climates: Humid and Temperate. It can be found in the following terrains: Grassland and Hilly

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